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Over 1 week late-negative test- cramping

I'm 20, on the pill since I was 17 with quite regular periods. I've never been more than 4 days max late. I have had very pms like cramps (along with usual period symptoms) since last Thursday so much so I was almost sure I would have gotten my period that day, I didn't so I took a test, it was neg. The day on which the 'activity' occurred was on the 6th of this month so over 2 weeks. I would say I've been mildly stressed but not so much to cause this much delay, is this normal or should I test tomorrow again if my first test was too early ?

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I am 24, sometimes I skip a whole month period, I've noticed once I stopped thinking about my period being late it would eventually just start.

If it makes you feel more at ease the do another test but if that comes back negative then just try and wait it out.

Stress will delay your period


Thank you for the reply ! That does reassure me , as I've never missed a period before. I might do another test next week and then just wait it out.


Yes if it eases your mind then take one.

Its fine I have missed a few periods without reason to so I've learnt not to worry about it to much


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