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Does this sound like PND!?


Hi all!

I've been wondering recently if I am showing signs of PND. I can honestly say I am loving being a mum, and since my boy arrived 15 weeks ago I have never felt happier. However I have been irrationally angry at things which never used to bother me. These rages seem to be directed towards people like my mother in law, who I can not tolerate all of a sudden. I also hate anyone my husbands side of the family referring to my son as 'theirs' or 'our boy', it makes me want to scream that he is mine and nothing to do with them, but I know this isn't right! I wouldn't say I am depressed but pre baby I loved my mother in law so I can't understand why this has changed so quickly! Do you think this is PND or am I just hyper sensitive with all the changes in life going on? Thank you! Xx

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I'd love to join you both! I did a FET on April 15th of one blast with assisted hatching. First beta at 12dp5dt was 749 and at 14dp5dt it was 1581. I had a bleeding scare with bright red bleeding and a couple of clots last week but that's settled down now. I'm currently dealing with really bad nausea and fatigue. My ultrasound is May 15th. I'm currently 6w0d. My due date is January 1st and I'm also in the December 2017 due date group. This will be baby #4 for us. We've also got DD1 (almost 14), DS (12) and DD2 (25 months).

I had 5 IUIs, and 2 miscarriages. My AMH is good (for my age), everything is good, but I will be 45 in July. Money was one of the many factors that convinced us to use donated embryos as opposed to trying IVF. Another consideration was avoiding the drugs, so I am now having a "natural" FET with my donated embryos from a known donor. On Tuesday I go for my day 10 check up. My FET will be a small fraction of the cost of IVF and the embryos were made when my donors were 36 years old... My husband and I are sad that our child will not be genetically ours, but we are very excited that we will finally have a baby!

My doctor hadn't said I couldn't, I guess it was self-imposed? I just didn't want to book anything until I knew we'd be okay. Vegas sounds like a blast, I'm glad you were cleared to travel too! You bet, I'm glad it's helpful. I have a tendency to get a bit lost once these threads get busy!

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