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Feeling Lost & Empty & Numb as a Female Caregiver; Does anyone else feel this way?

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Right now, I feel so empty on the inside....my Dad's health is really going down hill; and I am so not ready to lose either of my parents and this totally scares me to death. Since he has been on Home Peritoneal Dialysis and instead of using 2 bags of fluids at night, they had to increase it to 3 bags (to hopefully bring down his weight). And, that has not helped at all. And, they told us that if his weight did not go down as a result of adding this third bag, the only other option was going to be doing Hemo Dialysis in the Clinic 3 days a week. And, honest to goodness, I don't know whether he will want to do it, or just give up on the whole thing. I am really scared right now and feel so empty....It just feels like my Dad is slowly slipping away; and, I am truly not ready to lose my Dad. If the Lord wishes to call him home, I I don't want to see my Dad suffer. I admit I am not ready to say "goodbye" to my Dad. There is no manual for being a caregiver.....why do I feel so empty, so alone, and so numb?

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Sad to hear of your father's illness it is not easy for anyone to say goodbye to their father or anyone. You are not worried, I am going to share some homeopathy treatment with you, I hope he will help you.

Some homeopathy remedies that are known to cure kidney failure include Aconyte, Apocynum, Belladonna, Digitalis, Kali chloricum, and Phosphorous.

These medicines can be taken on a normal basis by patients but it is recommended to consult an expert homeopathic practitioner for the treatment of renal failure.

Such a practitioner can diagnose and treat the problem accurately and in lesser time.

Best wishes!!!!

Please don't promise that homeopathy can "cure" kidney failure especially when you don't know the patients medical history, recommending remedies can be dangerous.

I know it is dangerous and I am only giving suggestions. I have also asked them to consult the experts.

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I'm betting that Julester can think critically and for herself. She's not going to rush and put her dad on something blindly just because someone on the internet suggested it. When the conventional medical route brings you no relief, and death is imminent, why not exhaust all options? You literally have nothing to lose. Thank you, thakurhimanshi, solutions and options are of vital importance.

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My husband had kidney failure for many years, he died 5 months ago because of an unwise decision. When someone we love is critically ill it's easy to clutch at straws in the hope things will improve. To say that homeopathy can cure a chronic disease is not helpful.

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I'm very sorry to hear about your husband.

I agree, she could have worded it better such as "this may help" rather than "cure." In my mind I changed it to that automatically when I read it because I take recommendations on the internet (or even from a doctor) with a grain of salt. I need to remember that not everyone will do this.

Hope is a good thing though, isn't it? but I understand that it can bring feelings of bitter disappointment if it doesn't bring improvement.

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I’m so sorry and can empathise, for many years I helped look after an elderly Uncle with Diabetes induced Dementia, it really is a stressful experience, and emotions often get the better of you.

At times like this a lot of comfort and support can be given by other Carers, who themselves have been in a similar position. Google ‘Caregiver Support Uk’ to find links 🙂

Don't be afraid of your Dad needing dialysis in a clinic, he might actually enjoy it, my husband made some good friends and he looked forward to his 3 visits a week. The clinic he was at organised lots of fundraising events and patients and families all went out for Christmas lunch so usually something going on to keep spirits up. It also takes a lot of stress away from families coping with home dialysis.

The feelings you describe are completely natural. It is highly stressful caring for a parent with a serious illness who is highly dependent on you for all kinds of support. I have been through this in the past and am now experiencing those feelings all over again as I have had to stop being my mother’s primary carer due to my own illness. Yes, there is no handbook and you will often feel that you are making mistakes and trying to second guess what will be best for your dad. Unfortunately at the moment we are even more socially isolated as Carers, which doesn’t help on those days when we feel at our wits end. Try to set aside time for yourself when you can switch off. I know it’s easier said than done. Talk to your father and remind him that he can make decisions for himself. My dad liked going to his various clinic appointments and kept them up . Try to keep positive. There is a form on the carers U.K. website which you might find useful, if you want to chat online with other carers. Good luck.

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