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Spotting For Two Months Consecutively,No Period,Pregnancy Symptoms,Negative hpt

Hi everyone,im new here...last month I had spotting (dark brown then went to light pink) for about 5days (around when AF was due) I have never experienced such, I'm very regular with a cycle of 28-31 days. Af was due 30/03/2017 but they never showed up after the spotting I took a hpt 3 days later after missed period n I got a BFN. Though I'm not ttc it was quite disappointing. All the month through I had several "pregnancy symptoms",nausea,light cramping,abdominal pain,bloating,mood swings,very sore n fuller bo_bs,headaches n constipation. So again I took a hpt a week ago n stil a BFN. Today, 25/04/2017 is around when AF is due and I have been cramping all day till now and spotting but no blood (sorry tmi),having a brown discharge then a heavier flow is sth that I normally don't experience coz I usually start with a heavy flow immediately, I haven't been stressed nor been in any form of BC iv been regular for the past 4years. Could anyone please have a clue what's happening with my body. Or maybe you could share your personal experiences or of someone you know with a similar situation?? Pleeeease am desperately worried... I cant get through with a doctors appointment at the moment. I'm in my early 20's.

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