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Post laproscopy advice

I had a laparoscopy 3 days ago for investigations and during the procedure I had abdominal adhesions removed, I came home from hospital yesterday and am in immense pain, I know that's normal and it will take me a good couple of weeks before I will feel well again the question I have is how can I improve the pain in my abdomen would a hot water bottle help?

Also how can I get my bowel moving again because I think a lot of the pain is because I can't move my bowel at the moment.

I was on morphine and fentanyl before the surgery and because of an allergic reaction I was taken off the morphine immediately and I have decided not to continue the fentynal and am going to pain manage using paracetamol only because I know the opiates can cause constipation.

Does anyone have advice on this to help the pain ease? Thank you

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