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On the pill, sweating and too hot

Hi. I don't know if this is the right place to discuss this. I was put on marvelon over a year ago because I had terrible anxiety which wasn't getting better with ad's alone. I'd already been diagnosed with pcos for several years before this happened. Anyway, since being on the pill, I get so hot and sweaty. If I've been active, even just a brisk walk, I get sweaty armpits, my hair gets wet underneath at the back and I sweat down below, so have to change my underwear sometimes too. It's usually worse in the mornings. Although overnight I get sweaty down there and it does smell a bit (sorry if tmi) it's fair to say this is getting me down. I've not been to the docs yet about this problem but I really think being on the pill is just masking an underlying problem with my hormones. Can anybody at all relate to this issue or offer advice? Thankyou

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