Excessive sweating, body overheating and back pain?

For the past 4 years I have suffered back pain only when I rest or lie on my back on my right side just above my bum. I struggle to stand up the pain is severe but when I do get up and walk the pain eases and goes. I don't know why it just does. I've had excessive sweating as well where I sweat at the slightest thing. My body overheats as well just by minor exertion. Just walking round my house cleaning brings on excessive sweating and I have to sit and cool down. I've been to the docs who say they can't find anything wrong because my blood tests are normal. What could it be?

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  • Hi just wondering if you're on any medication that could cause this? Obviously you would need to see a doctor to find out what their view was but the other thing which is worth mentioning is I went through this kind of thing as I started menopause but I've no idea how old you are though I was 31 when I started mine. Sometimes the clinical tests for this will show a negative result until you're right on Menopause which is what happened to me as well it's taken years for them to confirm it medically.

    Hope this is of some help anyway, God bless.

  • I'm 28. I'm not on any medication. I had all checks done and was told Its nic early menopause or anything like that. Doctors just think there is nothing wrong with me

  • Hi Rachh, I wanted to ask you about the menopause!! I have Crohn's disease and had an emergency op on 28th May, anyway I have reall bad night sweats !! I wake up early hours between 1.30 and 2.30 am. Bed soaking wet, have to change my nightie. Frequent trips to the toilet through the night , day sweats too. If I drink anything warm I get a sweat. When I eat I sweat!! Constant need to pass urine through day when I go out. Also back ache!! Did you suffer any of these?

  • Hi unfortunately I had lots of Hot Flashes but not sweats. Lots of ladies to get those tho. not sure about the frequent urination perhaps that's more an indication of diabetes but a quick Google Search does seem to show a connection between the two.... I hope you find out what's going on anyway doesn't sound very nice. there can be other things that cause sweats endocrinology wise. Best go and get yourself checked out I think Hope your operation went well for you as well (:

  • I went to my doctors last Thursday and she seemed convinced it was perri menopause.she talked about me going on HRT, but said she would look into it to make sure I could take it with having Crohn's disease. I had some bloods taken yesterday so will see if anything shows up. I did say I would try a herbal supplement first. Thanks for getting back to me😀

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