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Menopuase - Facial Hair

HI Everyone, I am new to this forum. I am 59 and in the heart of the menopause. No problem when the periods stopped all very normal. The sweats at night are like a clock 2.am until 4.30am. It's like a stream running between the breast. I can cope with this, although I am very tired. However the thing I am struggling with and hardly comes up in forums is the facial Hair. Went to GP few months back and her attitude was get electrolysis as being fair laser will not work. I am talking hair from the cheek bone to jawline. Moustache, chin and under chin. It would take an age and the cost for electrolysis and not forgetting the pain. I suggested to the GP that I believe I have to much testosterone and need some oestrogen to level my hormones out a bit. But she was not interested and offered no advice or support. I left feeling embarrassed I had gone in the first place. Any help on the facial hair would be appreciated. I do have an IPL gadget but it states it does not work on fair hair. Any advice welcomed, I know I am not alone on this.

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Hi there,

I felt I had to respond as your situation touched me. Would it be worth asking for a second opinion? I saw this and thought you could ask a Doctor about prescription creams that help remove the hair. NB I have never used it, and certainly wouldn't recommend something I don't know about but here's the link: menopauserx.com/health_cent...

I am sure you have also considered bleaching, waxing or threading as an option?

Fingers crossed you find a solution and let me know how you get on.

Bye for now


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Hi, I have had a look at your link, although tempting the FDA in America is not as strict as the FDA regulations in the UK so I would have to question this with my GP. Thank you so much it could be a possibility.

I am fair haired so the facial hair would not respond to laser otherwise I would be there like a shot. Electrolysis would take forever as I have said and the pain I can't imagine as it is sensitive round the face. Plus the expense over the years it would take. I have done waxing for the top lip which was fine the pain did not bother me but the area we are talking is vast and even after threading on the top lip it returned very quickly approx. 5 days. It is a short term fix, same as waxing.

I saw a lady GP who I thought would be supportive, but was exactly the opposite. I know we go to GP's when we are sick but I am sure it is menopause related so GP made sense and who else could I turn to. I am now going to try the only male GP in the practice to see if he is more supportive. If that fails then I will consider seeing and endocrinologist in the private sector. A consultation is £200 for starters, so I know it will be expensive but it may just give me hope. I will need to get a job to fund it though, even though I have private health cover through husbands work it is not covered as already checked.

will keep you posted and thanks for your support.


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Hiya Jay, I have just booked an appointment with a GP. The only GP available was a male, so let's hope I get some positive support.

I am going in armed with names of treatments, herbal remedies etc, so I can quiz him and sound remotely knowledgable rather than completely clueless. I shall also demand I go back on the Pill....as I really feel it will help in the long term.

Good luck and let's stay in touch



Hi Fiona, How do you get on at the docs? I have to wait until the 19th before I get to see GP. Any tips or advise I can take with me? Hope your visit was worth it.



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