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Hi all, I'm new here and would just like to introduce myself. I'm currently suffering from depression and anxiety, and it is sometimes very difficult to feel relaxed and happy without thinking about what others will think, how I should react, or the work I'm not doing. Anyways, I'm an MSc student and very perfectionist as well... I am trying to do yoga and taking medication, which is kind of improving my mindset but still struggling to relax and not feel pressured for whatever reason... or sad. I guess, if any feels like talking or shares my feelings, please feel free to contact me... :)

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I’ve just posted to shunsing about a technique called tapping .. the tapping solution do an app with various tapping scripts for situations like you are describing, check out the post and welcome hang in this time will pass 💪🙌🌈

Thanks 🥰

How’s it going, I’m just sitting in the sun in my back garden, it’s just like being on holiday.. 😎x

A bit stressed with my masters work and PhD applications :(

Hi you I get that just think you got it the time will pass , I’ve been doing turn you day around change a bad day tapping meditation app wot I like about it saying is time will bend to fit so you get done wot you need to get done..also on you tube on my tv Lucy Wyndham read exercises which are free varied in time 4 mins -3ins varied abs , arms Indoor walking and there’s loads to choose from.. she’s upbeat nice gives me energy getting safe results stops me thinking helping me sleep .. bug hug 2ya🤗😎

Meant 30 mins x give it a go wot you got to loose🌈💪🙌

Yoga and meditation are great :) one other thing I found helpful is to write down 3 positives each day, every day for 3 weeks. It helps you to stop and pick out the good in your day :)

Yesterday mine were:

Enjoyed a sing-along to the radio

Had a really tasty lunch & dinner

Enjoyed some time in the garden

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That’s lovely, I definitely want to start journaling about the things I can be grateful about - thanks so much for sharing 🥰

I’m dealing with anxiety adhd and depression. I’m a full time reporter for a small county newspaper and feel many of the same things you’re feeling. Am I doing enough, why I am so tired, why am I so out of focus. I even made a call to see about talking to a psychiatrist about reevaluating.

Hey thanks for sharing ☺️ yeah its a shame it affects our mental conditions affect our work... have you tried doing yoga? It has really worked for me... as well as taking time off to do something I enjoy like cooking, without the pressure or judgement about if its going to be good or not. Just relaxing a bit... or trying to 🙏🏼

I have been, but I’ll admit I haven’t been consistent with it. I have been doing meditation everyday. I am getting guitar (coming in the mail soon 😊) as something to do while the thoughts are coming through...as a way to work through the feelings instead of fighting them.

Sounds very nice 🙏🏼 keep strong ❤️ and learn some flamenco! I’m Spanish 🙈

I’ll let you know how it goes! I’ll give the flamenco a try :). Much respect ✊🏻 🙏🏻

You stay strong too

hey! im always open for discussion! just wanted to say welcome to HU, and ive met some awesome nice people on here. also I struggling with worrying about other peoples thoughts of me but I just try to say well they aren't me, they aren't dealing with my life fully so they don't have much room to think about fully for me

The tapping app is if you were going to look for it is (New!)Turn Your Day Around morning stress reliever I’ve been where you’ve been doing my college courses x hang in you got this🙌🌈

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