All Done

Had my procedure done last Friday and I did so well. No panicking,kept myself together. Anaesthesia was fine,dont know what I worried about. It fascinated me ,,one minuite awake,dr gave me one injection for anxiety and the next real one ,,then OUT. I woke up in recovery seemingly seconds later. OMG!. Gynae got all the big Polyp out and I have results of Biopsy in 2 weeks!. I'm so relieved I got this done finally!!.

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  • Well done you, good luck with the results.

  • Hi was it a laparoscopy you had? I had one Thursday just gone and like you I was so nervous had to have an anxiety injection first but actually found it fascinating to xxx

  • Hi tarah,,yes they gave me an anxiety one too. That one seemed to knock me out straight away,,sort of felt like id had about ten drinks all at once,,ooopssss. yes it fascinated me too. And how ok I felt when I came round,,not woozy or sick at all!!..Bless ya.

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