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Northesterone for last 11 months now offered the pro strap?

Hello I hope you're all ok

I need some advice please if possible

I have been on northeserone for 11 mo the after having a 13 month period on stop seriously!

But the last 6 weeks the bleeding has gone ballistic it's flooding and clots and pain not as bed but really I am still taking 3 tabs a day and this is still happening it stopped for 8 mo the and I had mood swings and weight gain but that's all fine now after 4 mo the

The doctor sent me to a gynaecologist and he said I am to have stomach injections of prostrap starting this week and to stop the tabs already on

But will I still suffer the side effects all again and the pains for 3 months?

Or will this totally stop the bleeding?

Does anyone know please

I'm very overweight so hysterectomy not for me

Thanks for any help u can offer x

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Hi. I don't know the answers to your question. I can however relate to the situation. I had a similar issue (period for 10+months) many years ago.

Have they found the cause of your bleeding? If not,perhaps look into Von willebrand's as a possible cause.

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