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help with thrush :(

Hi so I'm 18 and had thrush for the first time a few months ago and its come back again this week, I've started taking the treatment for it that I used last time but I was wondering whether my boyfriend should maybe take the treatment as well? As far as i know he's not had any symptoms but I'm just worried that it could be that he's perhaps carrying it from when i had it last time and thats why I've been reinfected so quickly. Does anyone know what I should do to try stop the recurrence of my thrush?

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Men don't get symptoms of thrush that often and your probably getting it again because he has it and doesn't know.

Get him to take the thrush medication and get him to wear a condom when your sexually active until this all clears up.

If he's engaged in oral sex with you, he should see a doctor to clear up oral thrush since the other thrush tablets may not be as effective.


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