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Thrush advice

I have been having pain urinating and pain in my vagina area on and off for months! I always thought it was a UTI but went to the doctors and apparently it's thrush, but I've had no unusual discharge, just the pain...

It's one of the worst pains I've ever had in my life, it's interrupting my work life as I have had to call in sick and leave work before. I have taken one thrush tablet 2 days ago but there hasn't been any changes, i'm still getting really bad pains every day. The doctor called today and has prescribed me a thrush tablet..

Should I still take it even though I've already taken one? and is there any home remedies people can recommend?

I'm 21, in relationship, on the pill and don't use condoms. Just for some context.

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I would go back to the doctor, home remedies aren't always helpful since they can screw up your vaginal Ph if you don't have thrush and you'll develop thrush or bacterial Vaginosis instead ontop of the infection you may have.

I would go to the doctor and get swabs done and ask your partner about any sexual history (I'm not saying their cheating) because some Std'a don't show signs in males for a long time.

Have you been using new body wash? Or a new lubricant? It might be an allergic reaction, take bendryl and see if it helps.

Wear loose cotton panties and don't wear tight pants while you wait for it to clear up.

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