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Endometrial Ablation

Hi there. I'm booked in for E A next month and would like to know of any experiences people have had. I'm 36 and have had trouble my entire pubescent < life with endo symptoms with no actual endo, bleed for 2 weeks every month. Highly frustrating especially since no contras work (I've tried them ALL), just had to stop taking Ponstan due to severe stomach pains & bloating. So now waiting for the procedure as I'm desperate to stop my cycle (if it can be called that). Successful? Failure? Neutral? Thanx

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Hi I had an endometrial ablation a year ago and first it was fine stopped all the bleeding but at Christmas last year I started to have severe pains in my stomach ended up in hospital where it was found that after my ablation my cervix had closed up and blood had been trapped inside and infected my Fallopian tubes which in April this year I had taken away, the pain I felt before Christmas was like nothing id felt before and I never want it again, I have friends who have had the ablation and have never felt better but I was the unlucky one, due to everything that had happened I am now due for a hysterectomy in October which they should have done back in April but you know what doctors are like they try everything else first.

I'm sure everything will be ok


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I had the same surgery done, but also had them make it so I wouldn't have any children at the same time. This was because of my health issues. The surgery for both things went fantastic and I had no side effects afterwards. Had the surgery done 3 years ago August 16th. Less period bleeding and no pain.

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