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Please dont think im nuts as im not,im scared and covering all choices thats all. Ive spoken about my surgery which im to have next Friday for removal of Polyp and Biopsy of very thickened womb lining. I was told it did not look suspicious. In this situation has anyone refused surgery and said they just dont want it?. Or known anyone who has?. I suppose this is my right if i wanted. Also if i refused would my doctor have aright to refuse to treat me at the surgery for this or anything else again?. Advice please. Thanks.

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I don't think that they would have the right to refuse treatment. However from what you've said I think it would really be potentially wise to have this procedure done as having a thickened womb if it doesn't shed as normal can be a carcinogenic risk. Maybe other people here have some other thoughts.

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Most women would be apprehensive, and in two minds after being given this news, but at the same time reassured something could be done about it.

My mother had this type of surgery prior to menopause, the condition was causing her to have excessively heavy periods.

If you have concerns about surgery itself, not actually whether or not to treat the condition, talk it over with your GP or Practice Nurse. They're in the best position to advise whether or not to go ahead, and ensure you're aware of any concerns if it's left untreated.



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