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To stay on the injection or come off the injection?

Ok, So I have been on the depo for id say a year now and now doubting if I should be on it at all.

I have gained 3 stone over the past year and still rising and just feel so unfit and unwell lately that I am wondering if it is the injection that has been causing all of these problems.

The benefit I find from the injection is I havent had a period in a year which has been a real bonus as my periods are so heavy and painful I use to be on the pill 3 months in a row before having a break just so I didnt have to bare the agony of them.

Just wondering how others have found the Depo, I know that everyone is different so will react differently to been on the injection. Also has anyone come off the injection, how long does your body take to clear it out, will it be easier to lose the weight and also what contraception have people changed to after coming off the injection.

Any advice would be much appreciated in a pickle right now trying to make up my mind in what I want to do :(

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I had the depo after second baby for 3 times and I was lucky I didn't gain weight. I had both no periods and spotting every now and then. However when I tried to conceive the 3rd baby I found it difficult as it can take up to 12 to 18 months to leave your system, no one told me this before and it can also cause brittle borns! As a result I have had worsened SPD during the Last two pregnancies. Personally I think its the worst contraception out there. I would not advice it to be taken consecutively may be as a one off. Trying something else. All the best


Oh its me again, I have used the implant twice with no side effects. No periods and you can keep it in for three years. The last one was taken out before my fourth baby after 18 months and fertility returns pretty much sooner in a few weeks unlike the injection depo which delays the return of fertility. Both insertion and removal of the implant takes less than ten minutes and is painless as the area is numbed. Once you are ready to take it out you book an appointment and it's quite straight forward. Hope that helps.


Hi I have been on and off the depo injection over the years the longest time being on it was 3 years and yes I did put on a small amount of weight but nothing that worried me. The benefits out weighed the negatives for me no periods and no chronic ovulation pain. I started having the injection again in December 2015 and I'm due my next jab next week so far all I've done is bleed on and off not had this before to this degree not sure why this time but I have no ovulation pain so I am going to continue with it at the moment. I'm sorry you have gained so much weight 3 stone sounds a hell of a lot in a year, I was told the injection itself doesn't cause weight gain it's the hormones that make you feel hungrier then normal so you tend to eat a bit more!

Have you tried the Mirena coil? This stops bleeding for the majority of people.

Best of luck for whatever you decide X


There are other options. If its is the suppression of periods for chosing the depo then consider the myreena (spelling) coil. This will give you the same freedom and you should be able to get your weight down. Just add exercise and diet and in no time at all tou will see the numbers dropping on the scales. All the best


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