Bad skin following mirena for endo

Has anyone else experienced this?

My skin had flared up since my coil was inserted following laposcopy...

It is really bad and I have a boil on my face, and almost rosacea appearance on my nose.

It's really upsetting me as gone from nothing to this for last 4 weeks and nothing clearing it.

I had my coil inserted end of aug and notice skin has got greasier and progressively worse.

I have coil in for endometriosis but has anyone used anything other treatment of they have suffered from bad skin

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  • Hello Vicky,

    Sorry to hear you are experiencing Mirena side effects.

    I w has similar side effects, except for the coil but I gained some weight.

    There is not much you can do.

    Try to mention it to your dermatologist and see what he has to offer

    Good luck


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