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Can anyone help me understand what is going on??

Hey, well to start off I am 71 days late for my period. I have symptoms as tho i am pregnant but when i was 12 days late i got a negative test. My boobs hurt, nauseated, cramping as tho i am on my period, bloated a little, feel like i am not getting enough sleep, my moods seem to be so touchy here lately. I just want to know if anyone else has had this problem and should i go see a doctor about it. I am use to missing a period when i was younger but now that i am in my early 20's i have gotten use to them being on time.

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I think that you will need to see a gp and make appointment asap.

Pregnancy doesnt always show up on a test properly, but you can discuss this with gp maybe they can do another 1. And talk to them as well how you feel and other physical symptoms.

Do you suffer from anything else?


I would definitely see my doctor.

At this stage you need to know if you're pregnant or not, and a doctor is in the best position to confirm this. 😊xB


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