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Ovarian cysts and heavy bleeding

Hello, I'm 45 and my problems began back in April when I started getting prolonged, very heavy periods (4-6 weeks, made me anaemic). Up till then my periods had been more or less normal. I was referred to a gynaecologist in June, I saw her in August and she did a womb biopsy which came back normal. In early September I had an ultrasound scan which showed up two 4cm cysts on my right ovary. I did a CA125 blood test which came back normal. However, the consultant referred me for an MRI scan to find out more about the detail of the cysts before deciding what to do. In the meantime, I kept bleeding and my last period lasted 5 weeks and only stopped because I took norethisterone. I was recommended to take this continuously but I can't as it makes me feel dreadful, really tired and dizzy.

I had the MRI this week, it lasted an hour and a half. It was 2 months between the ultrasound and the MRI. Now I've been told it will be 5-6 weeks before the MRI report is done. This will be nearly Christmas.

I can't stop worrying and just want to know what's going on! I'm pretty sure the cysts are still there (and bigger) as I can feel a lot of heaviness in my pelvis, a dull ache. My stomach is very bloated and I get constipated quite a lot. Currently I'm not bleeding and my energy levels are ok, but I'm dreading the next period.

If the cysts are benign then why bother doing an MRI and delaying treatment for 3-4 months?

My older sister had a similar problem a few years ago but they simply went from ultrasound to laparascopy, removed the cyst and one of her ovaries, it was benign, and she's been fine since.

I can't help worrying that it may be early stage cancer (as CA125 is not foolproof), in which case I'd like them to get on with it and treat it! I work full time to support our family, and have 3 children at school so I simply can't afford to be ill.

Sorry to go on but I don't really have anyone to talk to about this. My husband knows I worry but there's not much he can do except reassure me and tell me to be patient. I've had to be very pro-active, ringing and emailing people, just to get appointments and information. I haven't actually seen the consultant since August. Our local hospital is in special measures as it failed 2 inspections, so that doesn't exactly fill me with confidence.

Ok so if anyone has any similar stories, I'd be interested to hear. Thanks for listening anyway. :)

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You say you were anaemic, did you self diagnose? Did you get treatment for it? Perhaps there is a connection to how you are currently feeling.


Hi thanks for replying. No I did not self-diagnose and have been taking iron tablets. My Hb level was low in May and June, then it got back to normal then dipped again in September as I bled for 5 weeks. Normally I don't have problems with iron as my general health is good and I eat well. Currently I'm more concerned about my distended belly and disturbed bowels!! It's quite similar to when I was pregnant with twins (although not yet that uncomfortable lol!)


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