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Had sex 9 weeks ago with my boyfriend and 4 negative home pregnancy test but weird periods I'm on birth control pills

Had sex with my boyfriend July 5 that was unprotected sex but I've been on birth control pills to regulate my periods since May 2015. A week after we had sex I bled/spotted for 5 days. Im still taking my pills and my period week july26-August 1 I only spotted one day when I usually bleed for 4 days. I have no symptoms except constipation and bloating, my period week is august 23-29 and I bleed brown spots but then A LOT of brown clots and red blood sorta like tissue but with blood spots. I had cramping and bloated and gas. I have also been feeling constipated. I took 4 home pregnancy test "first response" and all came negative. I took one test on my first day of my period that was morning urine, am I pregnant? Never had brown clots like that before

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it doesn't sound like you have to worry. Were you stressed around that time about anything, sleeping irregularly, eating differently, working out more? There are lots of things that can influence your period and how heavy your flow is, and how 'red' or 'brown' it is too.

Sometimes I have a lot of 'red' blood and it's just flowing and super heavy. Sometimes it's much more 'mucous-y' and looks like clots and doesn't really flow at all. I also have gas, bloatedness and constipation around the time I get my period, so I don't think that's so abnormal either.

It sounds like your periods were kind of irregular before starting the pill? (Because you wrote you're on birth control pills to 'regulate your period'?) In that case it could also be the transition? I'm not a doctor, although I do work in reproductive and sexual health, therefore I would suggest just going to see a doctor and describing the symptoms. I know a lot of women had to change their pill a few times before finding the 'right' one, so perhaps that's it?

With regards to having unprotected sex - please do think about other issues as well, eg STIs. If you and your boyfriend are in a commited, monogamous relationship, then getting checked together means you know you're both clear and don't have anything to worry about. I obviously don't know you, nor your boyfriend, and please don't take this the wrong way - unfortunately I know quite a few people who thought they were in a committed monogamous relationship and still got a STI (even HIV). I even had to take a friend to a clinic once to get checked for HIV because her boyfriend got checked and was positive (after they'd been together for almost 9 months). She was in such a panic and was so distraught - I would not wish that on anyone. At least he was honest enough to tell her instead of not saying anything.

Hope that helps and take care!


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