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Pins and needles

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I’m just wondering if anyone experiences tingling/pins and needles in both hands and feet? It happens throughout the day.

I also get whooshing in one ear like in time with my heartbeat.

At the moment I’m feeling a bit of a mess- something is clearly going on with me but just not sure what.

My period is now over a month late (not been the same since COVID jab but could be a coincidence)

I experience episodes of lightheaded ness, and feeling like not getting enough air in like tight chested

I have been to the dr who did an ecg (normal) and I am getting bloods done next week, also seen a gynaecologist who is doing hormone blood tests and a scan in August.

Just wondering if anyone has had similar?

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You should get B12 levels checked, as this caused numbness/pins and needles in my fingers and toes.

This symptom list says it's also linked to hearing sounds from inside the body, lightheadedness and breathlessness:

It seems to cover a lot of your symptoms, so ask the nurse taking your bloods if this is included in the tests.

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Knic in reply to Cooper27

Thank you, for replying ☺️

Do you mind me asking what other symptoms did you have?

I wonder if there is a particular test for B12? I know I am having a fbc done, thyroid and diabetes test - not sure if it’s be detected on a fbc.

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Cooper27 in reply to Knic

It's just a blood test for B12.

My problem was memory issues for the most part. I was almost worried I had early stages of dementia, it was horrible. I'd refrain from supplementing until you can be tested though, as supplements mess with the blood test result.

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Knic in reply to Cooper27

That’s really interesting as I’ve been struggling with my memory for a little while, put it down to stress. It’s very much short term memory where I’ll forget things.

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Cooper27 in reply to Knic

It's no guarantee, but it does sound like something worth investigating, I hope it helps.

If you do have thyroid issues/autoimmune issues, it's very common to be deficient in B12, ferritin, folate and vitamin D too.

Hi again!

Have you had covid?

I had unexplained headaches, pins and needles, and a partially numb hand for a few weeks a couple of months after I had covid. Went away on its own but quite worrying especially as my GP wasn't and still isn't seeing patients properly!

Can't say about bloods as I've never had them done

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Knic in reply to Leesa

Hi Leesa,

No I haven’t had Covid, not that I know of and I do test regularly.

So silly that gp’s are still not functioning properly, pretty much everything else is returning to some sort of normality yet we still have to have only phone appointments with the doctor 😒

My low B12 was picked up by a full blood count so ask about it specifically when they give you the results.

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Knic in reply to Hephzi

Thank you, I will x

I get similar. My hands and feet feel like they’re full and tingly and I’m generally anxious all the time. I get cramps in my feet and legs too and my circulation is a bit suspect to me but GP says I’m ok! Could be peri menopause symptoms as there are so many different ones you can experience I’ve been told.

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Knic in reply to Redhen75

Thank you! It’s so hard when you get anxious about it as I know it can cause many of the symptoms too - then it’s hard to tell what’s real and what’s anxiety 😒

Definitely get B12 checked, and an iron panel I think as they can be linked.Also, ask for FULL thyroid tests to be done. Sometimes a thyroid problem can cause those symptoms.

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Knic in reply to TaraJR

Thank you - thyroid is being done, diabetes and fbc - my iron often comes back low which prompts them to look at my ferritin and iron in greater depth x

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TaraJR in reply to Knic

Always ask for a print put of your results, with the reference ranges. We're all legally entitled to them and they're free.

If your thyroid is wrong, that often affects absorption of vitamins and minerals, so iron, ferritin, folate, vitamin D and vitamin B12 all need checking too

Don't accept drs saying 'normal', 'fine', in range' etc. They often say that, but you need to know WHERE in the reference range your results are. Most thyroid patients need to be 'optimal', not just 'in range', but most drs don't learn that. Thyroid care in UK can often be awful!

When you get your results, post them on Health Unlocked Thyroid UK group and you'll get the very best advice on there.

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Knic in reply to TaraJR

Thank you so much! May I ask if the results show that they are not quite in range, after the doctor has suggested they are- do you then go back to the dr and insist you need something doing?

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TaraJR in reply to Knic

You can discuss results with the GP. Don't just accept what they say.. it's supposed to be 2-way relationship.

But post your results on the Health Unlocked Thyroid UK group and they'll advise what to do, and what to say.

Yes l had very strange stuff during peri menopause. Tingling in hands and crawling feelings also feelings of blood rushing through my body. Thought l was having a heart attack on one occasion!! Even went to hospital. Told heart fine.The medical profession here arent great on menopause symptoms. It's not just hot flashes or flushes theres well over 30 symptoms!! This is my experience got a prolaspe with my menopause even worse!

Only found one other friend who had tingling pins and needles and numbness with peri menopause. That was a great relief to me. Thought l would let you know.

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Knic in reply to Poppycat999

Thank you so much, that’s really helpful. How can they tell if you’re peri menopausal - is it picked up with hormone blood tests?

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Poppycat999 in reply to Knic

Yes it is so make sure when you have your blood taken that they are going to test for that particular thing. I think they only test for what's been asked for/ticked on the form. You can ask for a print out of the results when they come.

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