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Weird Long period?

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I'm on day 11 of my period and it's not showing signs of stopping. I used to bleed (red) for only 4 days and then eventually from day 5 to 7 it'll taper off turn darker and eventually stop.

This time it just keeps stopping and starting. Any ideas? It stops and I'd go for a whole day with nothing so just when I think it's over, I'll find red blood again in toilet the next day. I suffer from endometriosis and I've also just been diagnosed with a 3 cm fibroid by ultrasound 2 months ago.

GP is aware of my heavy long period and doesn't seem concerned. But I don't feel it's normal.

Appreciate any insight.


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Have you had Covid or the Covid 19 vaccine in the last couple of months? They're causing funny periods on quite a lot of people.

If that"s the cause, it should settle down in a cycle or two.

Hello there. Thanks for replying. No, I've had neither.

Just really strange this month.


Any stress or other illness?

If it doesn't stop in another couple of days, pester your doctor again.

Stress and I live hand in hand I'm afraid. I have 5 kids and looking after elderly mother who needs care 24/7 😵‍💫. But then this has always been my situation. I've decided to go vegetarian about 2 months ago. Could this be the reason? Are diet and period linked somehow?

Diet and period issues can be, but it all really boils down to stress. If your diet is stressful for your body, it'll mess with your hormones, which can mess with periods. I don't think switching vegetarian sounds that bad, unless you're under more pressure to cook multiple meals now?

The stress is only one possibility, I think I'd still want the doctor to do tests. If you've 5 kids, are you maybe in a peri-menopause stage? They say it starts up to 10 years before menopause actually strikes you?

Yes, I did wonder if it's just the start of premenopause but I always assumed periods usually got lighter and less frequent with that? What's happening to me seems to be quite the opposite.

I've suffered from iron deficiency for some years now and I'm on iron tablets so maybe becoming vegetarian wasn't a smart move. Ugh!. I went vegetarian and decided to also stop gluten and sugar and just reduce dairy ( love cheese too much) to try and manage my endometriosis. Seems like I'm in a catch 22 situation!

Will wonders never cease? 😆

I had a friend that years ago had this problem. No one including her Dr thought anything of it until she passed out from loss of blood. Ended up in hospital, had dnc. Turned out to be a bacterial infection. She's great now and no other issues...

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EndoRabbit08 in reply to Truex

I'll mention it to my GP.

Thanks 😊

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Hope you get answers

Hey rabbit sounds very similar to what I'm going through at the moment. I've had irregular periods for about 4 months where I was bleeding heavily for 7 weeks etc. After blood tests I am on iron tablets too which have helped me to feel a lot better but waiting on a trans vaginal ultrasound at the moment. Lots of lower back pain and pain in my hips so hoping they can get to the bottom of it. Also been under a lot of stress and aniexty which exacerbated the problem . I hope you get to the bottom of what's going on with you as well. X

Hello there.

Was that 7 weeks straight? 😵 Sorry to hear it.

Yes I'm iron deficient too ( surprise!) And have been on tablets for a few years on and off but lately they've been giving me terrible cramps/ nausea/ the runs ( sorry) so I stopped them and need to speak to GP about an alternative.

Are you going through peri- menopause? Because I think I may be. Maybe that's the reason. God knows.

I'll try get more answers and tests. Hopefully I'm only going through a few wacky periods and they'll sort themselves out. Sorry for what you're going through. Hope you find some answers and start feeling better.

Thanks for your advice and help.


Thanks I hope so too! Yea it's difficult but I've been signed off for three weeks due to stress and aniexty but I'm hoping they can get to the bottom of it it's just the waiting around for a scan with gynaecology that takes the time x I'm getting on ok with the iron tablets a bit of constipation and then then the runs as well and decreased appetite but that is slowly coming back. :)

Oh and I'm not perimenopausal as of yet I'm 32 so I have a feeling it is fibroids but I won't know till I have the scan 😅😅

Sorry. Lol Wacky periods seem to be a symptom of going through peri-menopause that's why I asked. I'm 45 so I guess I'm probably on that train already arriving at station ' menopause' soon! 😆


Aw bless you! Do feel free to message me if you need to chat about stuff x yes those 7 weeks were awful you don't need to know how many sanitary products I went through 😅😅😅

God I can only imagine. I didn't think it was possible for a period to last that long!😦 Welcome to the world of the weird and not so wonderful. What was the reason for it having lasted that long?

And thanks, you too please feel free to give me a shout if you ever need to vent or just have a chat. XX

Btw I love your username. Makes me chuckle everytime I read it. 😆

Not really sure why it did last that long I guess the scan will tell me more whenever that happens. Haha I'm glad you like my username flamingoes are my favourite animal x So I was on 7 weeks slowly stopped for two weeks on for 3 weeks stopped for 2 weeks then just had a weeks period. I have a prescription for tranexmic acid which helped stopped it before it got too heavy this time around x

Hope you feel better and that it doesn't happen again. But we'll get through this. We're endo warriors.

I love rabbits. As you can tell! 😃


Me too xxx I don't even know if it's endo, pcos or fibroids haha yes rabbits are fluffy and cute so I don't blame you!

I've got endometriosis and now a 3cm fibroid decided to join the party! Lol 😵‍💫Like my heavy periods weren't enough the first time round!

I never thought I'd say this but I pray everyday that my menopause just starts!! Ugh


Oh my what fun :/ I'm still lightly bleeding after a week ugh xx

Oh and if you bleed heavy or on and off for longer then 2 weeks then definitely go see your doctor

Thanks. I'll get in touch with my GP again.

It could be the fibroid. Long heavy periods was my first and only symptom when I had a small fibroid. Keep going back to GP and hope you get it sorted soon xx

Thanks. It most probably is. I wasn't like this before I had it. Heavy yes, but not long.


I've been bleeding nonstop since December 2020 but I had my two covid vaccinations and booster after that so it's not the jabs. The specialist removed several non malignant fibroids. I'm still bleeding and I still have fluid filled fallopian tubes regardless of the extremely two strong antibiotics. I'm so distraught because I'm still bleeding. Before this I was very regular. Everytime I call my gp they ignore me. Everytime I call my specialist they keep telling me I need to wait two months because of the backlog. I'm so week from the bleeding but this is absolutely unprofessional. I'm so angry as well as depressed. I feel like I'm going through perimenopause Eve though I've had no clue from the so called doctors. I'm hot then cold. I have so much brain fog at work. It's embarrassing. I know my body. I know they are wrong. Anyone have experience with this?

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