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Do you need a full hysterectomy to relieve PMDD or just your ovaries removed?

Hi All,

I have been referred to have my ovaries and fallopian tubes removed and am awaiting a date due to having severe PMDD for years. I have read that you need to have a full hysterectomy (including removing ovaries) to completely relieve symptoms, but I am concerned as my Gynae said I need only to have my ovaries taken out?

Any advice much appreciated.

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Hi.I have recently had my ovaries and tubes removed due to endometriosis and severe pmt. I have had what seemed like a very light period which was very painful. It lasted 5 days. Thermals leading up to it - was very anxious and felt like pmt. Am all over the place - snappy, moody and tearful but o think this is down to the hrt. Elllese conti duo. Have tried 2 patches too. One made me very low within a few days and the other :Femseven kept falling off do made me anxious as not getting proper dose. Have gone back to the tablets but they give me stomach problems.

I feel very hormonal and quite downhearted as I feel any calmer than before my op. I would really research it and think about how you were on the pill if you were ever on it. I have always struggled with hormones!

I was told I didn't need a hysterectomy too and it would be interesting to hear whether it makes a difference with hrt. I.E.you only need estrogen only hrt as opposed to both.

I look forward to seeing other replies too!


Hi, thank you so much for taking the time to answer me. Ahh, I feel for you, it sounds like you are having a pretty bad time at the moment. Well I have finished 6 months of being on Prostrap injections and feeling utterly horrendous at times, not having any more now, just waiting for the effects of last injection to wear off and I am awaiting my appointment through the post for my op. Like you I have suffered terribly with PMT/PMDD and I''m convinced I have endo too and so I am hoping having this operation with fix me and make me better, but I am worried that I will still have this awful crushing fatigue and aching muscles when I have the op, because this is how I have felt on Prostrap. Do you suffer with fatigue and aching all over? How long is it since you had your operation and how old are you, if you don't mind me asking that? I am 48.

Look forward to hearing from you


Hi. I am 42. I had my op about 7 weeks ago now. I have had very low energy and lots of back aches and pains. Endometriosis can cause fatigue but I also have some thyroid issues and have recently been diagnosed as having mild fibromyalgia. I think it's hard to tell which symptoms are due to what. It might be worth having your thyroid tested if you haven't already.... I have to say that despite the terrible time I am having with the hrt emotionally I haven't been as achey or as lethargic. (which amazes me as my sleep hasn't been great!) I would say I have more energy at times though I do tend to do more but then need some down time. I did the hormone treatments before the op too..... That was miserable! Hope you feel better soon. B


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