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Cycle/fertility returning to normal?

Hi ladies, first post & any/all advice appreciated!

I've been on the pill for 10.5 years, & also had the implant for 18 months, soa total of 12 years on contraception. My partner & I are getting close to being ready to try for kids.

How long should it take for the pill to leave my system & for my cycle & fertility to return to normal? I've seen some stuff saying pretty quickly, like in weeks, & other stuff saying it could take months. I know every one is different & there is no set answer, but if anyone has any advice it'd be appreciated!

I've just turned 30 & am slightly freaking out that we're leaving it too late to try!

Thanks =)

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Hi there. After being on the pill for ten years, I came off to try for a baby, and was amazed when I fell pregnant only three weeks later. At the time my Hughes syndrome was undiagnosed, but I had already been diagnosed with PCOS. If you ready your body and adjust your diet accordingly, and take folic acid, it gives you a much better chance of conceiving. I found that having a relaxed approach worked wonders too.

Good luck when the time is right. Don't forget to let us know how you get on, and remember to stay positive and relax! Xxx

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Thanks for that, I think I was just having a wobbly moment!

We changed our diet about 6 months ago, we're eating a lot better, we've lost weight & are much more active.

I haven't started taking folic acid yet, but I did pick some up the other day.

It's just so difficult to know when to start trying! Not knowing if we'll be really lucky & conceive quickly, or if it'll take us some time makes the waiting to start really hard.

But we'll get there in the end =)

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