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Advice please x

Hi, my last day of last period was around 24th May, I ovulated from the 4th-9th June (I had no idea, went to doctors about bleeding and they said it was ovulation bleeding). I am exactly two weeks late for period, and worried as a lot of symptoms , sore breasts and doubled in size, cramps, urinating a lot, dizziness and headaches, pain during sex, and incredible mood swings!

and had unprotected sex throughout ovulation period.

I am wondering when is best to take a pregnancy test because I am so nervous.

Thankyou x

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Hi :-)

A test done now, with you being 2wks late, should give a reliable result. If you don't want to go to your family doctor, look online at ' home pregnancy tests hcg levels'.

There are various tests available, some are best done at certain stages in your cycle for the most reliable result.

Best wishes :-) xB


Thankyou very much, I'll take a test, just worried 2 weeks is too early but it's been four weeks since I ovulated. X


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