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Negative tests and late on period

Hey guys, I am now 3 days late on my period I am having symptoms such as sore breasts and nippLes, cramps, nausea, peeing a lot, bloating, loss of appetite, I don't get this when I am due on my period (I don't get any symptoms when I'm due on) I have a child already but I didn't know I was pregnant withe him til I was 8 weeks,

is there a possiblity I am pregnant but I'm have a low hcg level ?.

As I am feeling pregnant more and more xx thank xx

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A period could be late, and unusual symptoms appear, for any number of reasons. If you're positive you could be pregnant, and need to know now, do a pregnancy test.

If it's negative, there's still no period and symptoms continue to worry you, see your GP.

:-) xB


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