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Can anyone give me some advice? Could I be pregnant?


I have posted on another website but nobody has got back to me, im just after a friendly response :)

I am usually quite regular when it comes to my period, my last one was the start of October. I usually come on within the first few days every month. But this month I haven't, which makes me just over a week late.

The start of this week ive been feeling so so exhausted, after a few hours of study I need to sit/lie down to rest, im drinking and peeing a lot more and have a constant dull ache in my back and stomach ( which doesn't really hurt) the past 3 days ive had spotting where its enough to see on tissue when wiping but not anything else. could this be implantation?

I took a pregnancy test this morning and its come back negative. Is there any chance I could be pregnant and it just being too early to test?

I would really appreciate any response. Im 24 and this would be my first pregnancy and I just don't know what to expect. Ive been with my partner now for nearly 6 years and we would both be thrilled if I was, but I cant get my hopes up yet.

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Hi karalouise_21, just noticed you never got a reply here! I am sorry, 4 months ago the community was just getting started...Hope you are well!? were you pregnant? If yes, you might want to follow the NCT community: healthunlocked.com/nct


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