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feeling sick lately

so for about 3 weeks , ive been feeling nauseous &dull stomach pains . the nausea usually starts after i eat something . i have a big fear of vomiting , so i get pretty scared whenever i start feeling nauseous. i have ibs & gerd . i take prevaid for acid reflux , but it doesn't help that much . the dull stomach pains is usually in my middle / lower abdomen. ive been feeling this way everyday for 3 weeks straight. the nausea is usually at night . im going on vacation soon & id rlly like to fix this problem . help ?

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Sorry I don't know what gerd is but could you be pregnant?

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Gastric reflux disease used to have it 👍☺ like your thinking though x


im only 15 & ive never had sex , so yeah im not pregnant.


Oops sorry I didn't realize. Have you started eating any new/different foods?


I suffered with acid reflux for many years. Got my own theories on what causes these things but hiatus hernias seem to run in the family. My initial thoughts when reading your messages to get the doctor to look at that because they could be something going on there that may need to treat. Anyway I had a fundoplication done many years ago and it was life changing. I had it done by keyhole and I felt a little bit sick after the operation which the doctor said was my body's reaction to pain. I understand that now as there's a connection inexplicably between the gut and the brain. Anyway if you haven't considered it I would really consider this operation it was fantastic. No more Gaviscon! 👍☺

I also had a traumatic time with the endoscopy so in the end I had one done under a very light general anaesthetic which was amazing and gave them freedom to look at what was going on.


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