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Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Searching for something else, I saw this on YouTube.

In yesterday's Guardian 9 October - Zoella, raising awareness of

Anxiety and Panic Atacks.

Zoella is a compassionate young woman, reaching out to other's

who like herself, suffer from this debilitating condition.

I could relate to situations she described, if anybody has problems

of this nature do log on to the site, her advice is very helpful.

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Hi wobblybee, I knew about her beauty youtube channel...no idea she was talking about anxiety as well. Well done her!


I think she'll be able to reach a lot of young people who have anxieties. People need to feel they're not 'odd' having these sort of feelings. There is a way

through this crazy, foggy headed business, talking about it is a good start.

I'm glad I came across the site :-) xB


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