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Tips to get rid of anxiety about a trans vaginal ultrasound scan.

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Hi All, recently I got an MRI scan and it showed deep infiltrating endometriosis but my doctor is suggesting me to go for a tvs scan ,I've tried going to tvs scan twice and found painful and I'm feeling anxious and tensed seeing the probe and Dr couldn't complete the tvs scan .can anyone please suggest how to stay calm during tvs ultrasound scan and can a Dr based on mri reports take an action or will she need both TVS and MRI scan to better understand my endometriosis .I've asked dr to give me anaesthesia before my tvs scan but she is not ready to give it to me.

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Hi I find the vag ultrasound no problem at all just explain how u are anxious u are amd they let u guide it inside its o lt way to get a true pitcure ..maybe have a diazapan first if u cam good luck xx

Ask for urgent chat with the GP who knows you best. Diazepam(Valium) at night for a few days before might help. Dissociation in your mind helps. That is practice daily now and when you have the procedure by thinking you are on a place you love and do Mindful breathing which is breathing into 3, hold your breath for 3,breathe out for 3 and hold for 3. Keep repeating during the procedure. I do it every night before settling for sleep. It helps you relax. I think I was given an injection of Diazepm 5mg before I had an Endoscopy which is similar but looking down your throat into the stomach. You do need some one with you to take you home and stay overnight, as it can make you feel sleepy. They can be addictive if taken longtermHas another 'funny' thought. How about using a pelvic toner or similar so you are not frightened of the idea.? Good Luck and hope you get some good treatment as it is a awkward thing to have

Have you heard of the 4-7-8 breathing technique? Breathe in for 4, hold for 7 , breathe out for 8 and repeat? Trying yoga/Pilates, breathing exercises and meditation on the days leading up to the scan may help you to relax in general and then doing breathing exercises during the scan can hopefully help . Most important tell the doctor/technician how you are feeling and they may also have some techniques and strategies to help you relax. Best of luck!

My diagnosis was based on my MRI. I refused to have a tvs scan but to be fair, my endo may have been picked up earlier as the main ultrasound was focused on my having fibroids and cysts. It is scary when we already have pain associated with our pelvic and personal areas. The radiologist and her assistant (both times) were really lovely and sympathetic.. even though I didn’t go through with it which I now regret.

The ladies above have given you some good advice. I would also try and keep thinking that this is to help, not to hurt x

When I had this done and other procedures I always place a hair bobble on my wrist and focus on that sounds stupid I know but it gives you something to concentrate and fiddle with I've done this at dentist visits which I'm absolutely terrified of and also for different scans it really does work hopefully you've had it done I've only just seen Yr post take care

Ask your gp for diazapan this should help to calm you ..Good luck x

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