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Healthy weight lose

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Bluelady-singHealthy BMI
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How long will it take me to loose 4kg. How much and quickly is safe

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Hi, it really will depend what you do! The NHS recommends about 1lb a week as being sustainable which is roughly 0.5kg. What I do know is that weight loss does slow down as you reach a healthy weight. Your badge says you have a healthy BMI (I don't know if this is still the case?) but in that case it may come off a little slower?

I would say it's not a race and it should come off in its own time if you can make some healthier diet tweaks. I am no expert though and the admins may have something better to suggest or add!

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Bluelady-singHealthy BMI in reply to Sheepfan

I have gained weight I was 64.5 kg after hospital I am 67,3kg I can't keep gaining

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springersruleModerator in reply to Bluelady-sing

Hi Bluelady-sing, can you identify what you are doing/eating differently now than before you went into hospital? That should give you a way forward to making any changes needed to drop those few kg you want to lose. At your stage of the game, i would say losing 1lb week should be just about achieveable but if you are in recovery, just maintaining for a few weeks might be the way forward, then work on getting back down to the weight you want to be.

Why not join the Easter Challenge and aim to lose those 4kg for Easter. The focus may be just what you need. Here's a link to get you straight there :-) xx

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Hip2Restart Dec 2022

Hi belonging you don't try to rush things, you will get they.I'am trying to lose weight but not doing very well must be doing something wrong myself or just trying to heard. Best of luck you will get there.

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BridgeGirlAdministrator in reply to Hip2

Hi, do you fancy joining the weigh-in and daily diary? They'll help you on your way. And Lytham would love to see you on the Easter Countdown Challenge

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Lytham3 stone in reply to BridgeGirl

Yes. You'd be very welcome to join the Easter challenge Hip2 x

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Thanks so much for posting this as I am exactly the same . I was 62kg and before I went on hols it climbed to 64kg . I had day surgery on Wed and I was weighed in at 68.3kg clothed . I felt awful . Since coming out on Wed night I have limited myself to a recovery eating plan so porridge with yogurt and fruit in the morning . Soup with added veg for lunch and a salad with protein - so grilled fish , chicken , canned tuna or cottage cheese at night . My husband also makes me a smoothie with about 4 small portions of fruit to sip during the day plus fruit tea plus 1 Dolce Gusto latte .Rest of drinks are water .

Now Sunday and scales were at 67.2 kg this morning . I haven't had any exercise yet including walking as too sore so lay / sat about reading or watching TV . Feel combined with exercise this will work .

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Bluelady-singHealthy BMI

This morning I weighed 68kg!!!!Yesterday I was at the gym

Today park walking

Ate 1 poached egg, I slice toast

1 turkey rasher felt full.

Unless I change what I eat and lifestyle My weight will not change.

Almond slices were my weaknesses.

If someone offers me cake, I repell as I remember my weight

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Happyman5Visitor in reply to Bluelady-sing

Why not join the daily diary..and you be able to write your daily food and drink intake on there, it will help keep you focused and am sure it will help you lose those few kilos you want to lose ..

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Cruiselover11 stone in reply to Bluelady-sing

If 1 slice of toast, a poached egg and 1 turkey rasher is all you had in a day it is very, very restrictive, I would say your body is in starvation mode - it's retaining the weight it has just in case food is in short supply. Where are the fruit and veg? It's about balance and nutrition.

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Bluelady-singHealthy BMI in reply to Cruiselover1

Yes cruiseliver1

I eat Lunch small pasta salad

Evening chunky veg soup

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Well, be honest with yourself and aim to lose one kilo by the end of February. Start with small steps. Here are the rules which should make you lose much more:

1) Don't eat between meals.

2) Make all your food yourself -from scratch... don't eat anything processed. If you don't know how go on a course...pick out things that are fast and easy to make and healthy.

3) Don't drink alcohol - limit your drinking to the weekend and have a glass of something before your meal or with your meal but not both.

4) Don't take sugar or milk with your drinks or drink sugary drinks.

Do have a fab time and enjoy yourself. The only way to lose weight is to count the calories and eat deliciously and healthily....and get half an hour of exercise in each day...walking or whatever.

Do weigh yourself naked first thing every morning and record it. There will be ups and downs and there will be days when you have a piece of chocolate or a late with sugar...enjoy them. But make sure they are the very occasional fallings by the wayside....

You must take your magnificent self through the next month! Do as I say and you will lose 5kilos but you must be honest and you must plan your meals! You must not go without but cut all that processed stuff (humus etc) out of your diet.

Great good luck!

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Bluelady-singHealthy BMI in reply to MikeinLondon

I thought humus and celery is good for me

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