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Well I have lost again this week. Now a total of 26 lbs in just under 9 weeks. A total of 5 lbs this week.

Tho it has been a long hard week. Especially with the news I had wednesday at the doctors. Good news they are please with my weight. So I thought. Yes the opp. But another pro lem has arisen. They found an abnormality with my heart when then did the cardiograph. So now I am not sure when the opp will happen. Seams to be one thing after another

When will it end.

13 Replies
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First well done on weight loss this week and so far, amazing and during stressful times...Re heart, don't panic, trust the doctors and take it step by step, they will do the right thing

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Ladytrucker1 in reply to Hopewhispers

Thank you every one for you kind words. Its a bit of a blow as I thought I. tho over weight was fairly ok. My mother suffered from many strokes and finally passed away with a major heart attack. So I am hoping I am not following in her foot steps. I have started to walk more and still maintaining my 1000 to 1200 calories per day. Now its a waiting game. Hopefully not to long a wait

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Hopewhispers in reply to Ladytrucker1

I understand completely where ure coming from and its good to be mindful but also remember everybody is different and u are making steps in the right direction to have good health in the future. Stay strong

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Firstly well done on a great loss of 5lb in a week you got bad news, then on a great loss overall. Secondly sorry the found something on your cardiograph but at least they know and can do something about it and hopefully op can go ahead soon. Just think that loosing this weight can only help.

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Bronearth in reply to Craftyperson

good reply

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TheTabbyCatAdministrator in reply to Bronearth

Hello Bronearth and welcome to the weight loss forum. I see from your profile that you have already lost a great deal of weight. Well done you. As this is a very big forum with lots going on I suggest you spend some time clicking about.

Please have a good read of the Pinned Post “Welcome Newbies”.


We have found that participation is the best way. When you have time have a look at our Daily Diary I'm sure that you'll find lots of tips there. We also have a weekly weigh in, just choose the day which works for you and join in. You'll find both the Weigh In and the Daily Diary in the pinned posts, just click on the blue link above and scroll down the pinned posts until you find something that interests you. :)

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Craftyperson in reply to Bronearth


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setterloverRestart August 2022

Good job Ladytrucker. Fingers crossed for getting your operation in a timely fashion.

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Please consider maintaining for a short while, to prevent your metabolism slowing prematurely.

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Its been a good week so far. But doesn't this lovely weather help. I am finding ok keeping on this diet. I have the NHS 12 plan app. I am now on week day. Does anyone one how to extend it once my 1w weeks are up. I am finding that monitoring everything is keeping me on the straight and narrow. Even with the news I have had recently. Mind you knowing I have an opp coming up soon. Tho yet I don't have a date. I find I am still losing the weight. It gives me a purpose

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springersruleModerator in reply to Ladytrucker1

Hi LadyTrucker. When you get to the end of week 12 it asks if you want to do another 12 weeks and off you go again xx

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Brilliant. Thank you. I am hoping this week i get into the 15 st bracket. Was 16.2 last week. This 12 week app keeps me motivated as I can log everything and count calories to reach targets I set myself. My target this time is to get below 16st for my opp. Tho no date yet I am on target. I find setting targets for myself is a great way to lose weight. Nothing drastic. I know I have another 4st to lose. But small targets by certain dates is a great way for me

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springersruleModerator in reply to Ladytrucker1

Small targets are definitely the way to do it. I've used the weight loss badges in the weekly weigh-ins as targets. Achieving targets regularly really helps to keep motivation and determination going. Saying i have 11 stone to lose from the beginning is just too daunting. 9 months on and i'm getting really close, a couple more kg and i'll hit 10 stone off. I don't put time scales with them as it increases my anxiety but to be fair the weight has been coming off quite nicely and timely without them 😊.

Keep doing what you're doing, it's working well for you xx

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