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this app drives me nuts

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its near on impossible to find ltheink you need for the weekly weigh in

anyway I had a bad weeki lost 0.4kg despite thinking I had smashed a kg but at least it's going down I have to get another5 kg off before my doctor will be happy withmy weight but I am200 g away from my original target

lets hopeaugust brings with it lots weight loss

my numbers last week65. 4kg this week65kg

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The link for the weigh-in is in Pinned Posts as usual, Fatgorilla, just click on the title which is 3rd down in the list :)

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Wine3st 7lbs

Congratulations on the lossLittle steps you can do this

Took me a while to navigate the forum as well still make mistakes as don't remember how to post luckily I don't want to post anything will have to revisit the FAQ eventually

Enjoy the rest of the week 🍀🎉👌🙂

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Fatgorrilla3kg in reply to Wine

Thank you I was hoping to be at my first goal weight this week but I missed it by .2 of a kg which is irritating hopefully next week I will have smashed it and be on my way to my second goal 5 kg down 5kg to go

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Aginghippy1st 7lbs in reply to Fatgorrilla

Good luck, I share your frustration but you will get there.

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Kniste2022 August

Look at life from the other point of view, you did not gain weight!

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N-o-r-d-iModerator in reply to Kniste

It's lovely to see you here, especially with a supportive comment like that :)

If you look at the Pinned Posts you will have plenty of information about what's going on here.

Please consider joining in with as many Events, Challenges and Clubs as you feel comfortable.

Get involved in our weekly Weigh Ins, as well as Daily Diaries - you will get to share your ideas, achievements and struggles with people who are or had been in the same boat, or at least in the same storm!

Don't be a stranger and shout out if you have any questions. Hope to see you around!

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