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almost back to post baby weight

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DosgatosRestart April 2022

17 years post birth!

starting weight 20 stone 10

Weight today 16 stone and 3/4 pound

Further Weight to lose 5 stone.

I am nearly half way through my weight loss journey. It’s been a struggle and the only way I got myself back on track in April was getting a personal trainer. I’m in another plateau now and have been snacking a lot but she- the trainer - is being positive and reminding me of how far I’ve come and how I feel stronger and healthier and how well I am doing in the gym. I’d never entered a gym until earlier this year for my trial session. I did squats with 35 kilos yesterday! I’ve also taken up netball 40 plus years after I last played in year 8. I really enjoy being part of a team and we played - and soundly lost - our first competitive match last week. I find being part of a team gets me out when I don’t want to leave the house.

I am trying to build exercise into my daily routine - I’ve retired my car and am walking to the shops most days with a trolley. If I don’t go the family doesn’t get any dinner so that keeps me going when I’m not motivated. I also swear by the diabetics Uk recipes and popped lotus seeds and sea weed which has kept me going food wise. My blood sugar was raised and is now in a normal range and I am hoping to be clinically fat rather than obese for Christmas. I now weigh the same as my 6foot +rugby playing boy so I know I’ve got a way to go. Weirdly I feeler fatter now when I look in the mirror than I used to. I think it is that I am more aware of my body. The measurements of my neck belly legs and arms tell a different story. Even when I am not loosing weight I am loosing mms although more from the chest than any other area! I also braved the beach at the weekend in a bikini so I’m working on body confidence too. Looking forwards to being able to comment on other posts.

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Well done, Dosgatos, you may like to share your success and tips on our Weigh-In, Daily Diary and Fit is Fun Club, all the links can be found in Pinned Posts :)

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BirthBlueRestart July 2022

I know what you mean about feeling fatter when you are actually thinner. I often find that too. Felt really inspired reading your post. Thank you! ❤️

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TheTabbyCatAdministrator in reply to BirthBlue

Hi BirthBlue it's great to see you back.

I'm sure that you can remember your way around but if you can't I suggest that you begin at the pinned posts. Just click on the link below, scroll down until you find a post which interests you, click on the title to open the post. If you want to see another one just start again.

As always we find that participation is the key to success. The Daily Diary and the weekly Weigh In are very good places to begin.

Good luck 🍀

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That's a great story @Dosgatos ( Have you got cats?) You will find plenty of support here if you join one of the weigh in groups. I weigh in on Fridays.

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DosgatosRestart April 2022 in reply to hjskev

Thanks hjskev. It is so hard to find a user name that is not taken. I have two and they are lovey company

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Well done, you are doing fabulous, the losses will probably slow down Which can be disheartening but just keep doing what you are doing it's working especially team involvement 👍

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springersruleModerator in reply to CavalryKen

Hi CavalryKen, thank you for supporting one of our members. Are you here on your own weight loss journey? I've given you a Visitor badge for now but if you'd like to join in I'll happily give you a full welcome and links to help find your way about. xx

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Wine3st 7lbs

Respect and superb result on weight lossBrilliant on the exercises

This is going to help the weight dissappear

You are yoda

Thank you for posting really inspired me to keep going ❤️

Well-done I think that we all become more aware of our fat as we lose weight.our problem areas become more obvious to us and our skin doesn't bounce back like it used to my belly is my biggest problem

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mamarika2022 August

You did a great job. Way to go. Good luck to you

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DosgatosRestart April 2022 in reply to mamarika

Thanks it’s great to get supportive feey

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