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How to move on after weight loss?

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RoseRed2022 April
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Hi all

I’m looking for advice on going forward, I’ve achieved the target weight after 9 weeks on the nhs weight loss app. I’ve been ok doing this as it was quite regimented, so although it would be great to lose a few pounds more, I’m happy with where I am just now. My fear is that if I don’t control what I eat in the way I’ve done over the past few weeks, then in no time at all I’ll be where I started. Any recommendations for a follow on app? Thanks

15 Replies
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Hi RoseRed and welcome to weight loss support. Well done for reaching your target weight. I suggest you join us to help you stay on track.

We have a weekly weigh in for anyone whether they're still losing weight or trying to maintain. Our Daily Diary helps us to stay on track with meals that we've planned. We also have a feed for maintainers where any problems can be shared.

Here's the link to the pinned posts, just click on the link and scroll down until you see a post which interests you, click on the title and the post will open.

Well done again and good luck with your maintenance 🍀

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RoseRed2022 April in reply to TheTabbyCat

Thanks Tabby Cat, I’ve just done that, so many kind comments it’s a lovely idea. Not sure about what the category with Loss/gain/SBS means though!

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TheTabbyCatAdministrator in reply to RoseRed

If you scroll up the weigh in feed everything is explained in the header. Loss refers to the weeks Loss, gain idem. STS means stay the same, no week's loss or gain. :)

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RoseRed2022 April in reply to TheTabbyCat

Thanks will do that next time

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LosingGame2022 May

Well done! RoseRed

Hope now your BMI is within normal range. BMI is one measure another is waist circumference - it should be approx half of your height in inches (e.g say your height is 64 inches then your waist should be well under 32) to prevent cardiovascular and other risk. You will off course look much better then.

Reduce your waist to that level by eating a low calorie balanced diet, regular exercise and fasting at least once or twice a week for 14-16 hours as BMI is a wide range.

If u become such a fit person then over eating or enjoying fast food sometimes wont throw your weight and figure off balance easily.



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ErylVisitor in reply to LosingGame

I urge you to watch Dr Robert Lustig's video 'Is a Calorie a Calorie? Processed Food, Experiment Gone Wrong' on youtube

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RoseRed2022 April in reply to Eryl

Thanks will do that

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Hi there RoseRed, I was told about this website re: maintaining hope it helps

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RoseRed2022 April in reply to Bee-bop

Thanks for the link, I’ve worked out my calorie needs for maintenance and reduction 1690/1352 so will keep on track with those figures hopefully!Also v interesting reading analysis on there.

Doesn’t seem much though! Tiny treats for me from now on.

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Bee-bopMaintainer in reply to RoseRed

It might seem low. What was your allowance for losing weight?

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Well done on achieving your target weight. We have a Maintainers club which you are welcome to join. You can find it in pinned posts using the link The Tabby cat has given you.

We have all been on a weight loss journey and have achieved or nearly achieved our targets and it's good to talk to others who are maintaining and share tips.

I find it helps to weigh in every week as it helps to keep on top of any gain and tweaks can be made. You can join the weigh in and post your weight any day that suits you. It can also be found in pinned posts.

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Bexter1012022 April

You could try My Fitness Plan to monitor your calorie intake. It’s a free app

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morelessAdministrator in reply to Bexter101

Hi and welcome, Bexter101 :)

I hope you'll follow the link that TheTabbyCat has given RoseRed and will become an active member of our forum.

Wishing you all the best :)

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Hi I am in the same situation as you. I have reached the weight I'm happy with and don't want to lose anymore. I have been here before and put it all back on again. So I'm watching with interest how you go on. Since I started maintaining I've lost another pound. Not sure what to add to my diet to make the difference. I will be joining the maintainers group on here, so see you there. Well done and good luck.

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FirconesHealthy BMI

Well done! Try weighing on Sunday morning and record your weight every week. I found this stops Friday/Saturday excess or just helps to moderate and stay mindful. It's quite tricky to maintain weight loss as it requires another adjustment but it's really helped me for 2 plus years so far and l had a lot of weight to lose. It would have crept back on without this and writing my weight down makes it real. Good luck and congratulations on achieving your goal.

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