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Weight Loss Goals!


I’m wanting to lose 4 stone by at least December time? I don’t know if that’s achievable? Especially for me. I’ve downloaded the 12 week weight loss app and I’m just on my first day but it’s going good! Let’s hope I keep it up! I’ll post daily updates! 🌹

I’ll post photos of my meal plans and also my workout plans for the day.

Today’s workout plan:

Burn 500 calories with yoga.

Burn 500 calories on a bike.

Burn 500 calories doing a 30 minute fat burning workout.

Meal plan for today is included in the photo! Any tips just post or message me them! They’re all appreciated!

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chaaarllll1st 7lbs

Hi Lauryn19,

A sustainable amount of weight to lose a week is 1-2 pounds, as it the most likely you will then keep it off and ensure you are only burning fat. I believe that if you did lose 2 pounds a week every week for 8 months, you would theoritically lose 64 pounds, which would be around 4 and a half stone. So yes, I would say it is achievable, but please remember some weeks you may lose more, or maintain, or actually gain a pound.

One thing I would also add is, in my experience, whenever I 'rebooted' my diet, I would always start with loads of exercise, which would always last a few days, but I would overwork myself and then by the end of the week, lose motivation to exercise, especially if you have not been exercising regularly already.

I would also check your healthy calorific range to ensure you are eating enough, if you search for NHS' healthy weight calculator you'll find a range, and you should be eating the lower end for weight loss!

However, yes, with consistent good weeks it is possible!

Sceptic237lbs in reply to chaaarllll

Did you mean she’d lose 64lb in 8 months? Losing that in 4 months sounds very challenging! :P

chaaarllll1st 7lbs in reply to Sceptic23

Yes I meant 8 months! Will correct now.

Sceptic237lbs in reply to chaaarllll

Actually gives me a good idea because my weight loss goals are pretty much the same!

rozwalts4 stone in reply to chaaarllll

Huh, well my exercise regime lasted for about a month, then I did my knees in. Won't be doing that again in a hurry. :(


Hi and welcome, Lauryn :)

Chaaarllll has given you some excellent advice and could I add that joining the forum as part of the community is a great way to keep motivated and on track. Join today's weigh-in and Daily Diary, join our exercise challenges and maybe a club?

To make navigating the forum easier, we've put all the information you'll need in a newbie pack and here's the link


Please take the time to read it carefully, so that you're able to enjoy everything that we have on offer.

We ask that you also read this important information about internet privacy and security.


Wishing you all the best :)

Lauryn19 in reply to moreless

Thank you so much! 😌

chaaarllll1st 7lbs in reply to moreless

Forgot to add about the forum itself! Doh! :)

morelessAdministrator in reply to chaaarllll

You covered everything else!! :)


Hi Lauryn19 , I'd say see how you go with the 12 week plan. If you think in terms of healthier eating and lifestyle as a permanent change, for life, the December deadline may be less significant, but you will have your reasons for that, I'm sure.

I'd just back up what chaaarllll says about getting a personalised calorie range at nhs.uk/Tools/Pages/Healthyw... - the 1400 for women is a generic figure, and we're all different in our starting point.

Good luck :)

Lauryn19 in reply to BridgeGirl

That’s my plan! As long as I stick to 12 weeks I’m sure the rest will be much easier! That’s a good point! I’ll double check! Thank you so much! ☺️

BridgeGirlAdministrator in reply to Lauryn19

If it's higher than you expect, don't get scared off. Come back here with any questions :)

Lauryn19 in reply to BridgeGirl

Thank you! I really appreciate it! I’m new to all this so I’m so happy that everyone is so positive!

IndigoBlue61Maintainer in reply to Lauryn19

Just to reiterate when following the NHS 12 Week plan the 1400 calorie target suggested is a generic amount, please check your own personal calorie target here. the NHS 12 Week plan please be aware that the 1400 calorie target suggested is a generic amount, so please check your own personal calorie target here. We always advise starting towards the top of the range, being hungry is the single biggest cause of weight loss fail

We always advise starting towards the top of the range, being hungry is the single biggest cause of weight loss fail

Good luck!! 😊


Hi Lauryn19 and welcome. My advice to you is an add-on to Chaaarlll’s advice about losing motivation to exercise - forget how many calories you think you are burning, and certainly don’t eat them!

IMHO what you eat is far more important for weight loss than exercise, (although exercise is obviously very good for you.) There are loads of people on here who can’t exercise for various reasons like mobility problems etc, and they still lose weight by eating healthily, counting calories and reducing portion size.

You certainly can lose quite a lot of weight by December, but there are no quick fixes. Good things come to those who wait, as they say. So if you stick with us, you may find eventually that the journey is as important as the destination.

Good luck!😊

Thank you! Honestly even if I just lose 2 stone by December I’ll be beyond happy!

TrimmerteacherMaintainer in reply to Lauryn19

With that attitude, I know you can do it!


If you put your mind to it then yes!

Hi Lauryn19 - Wow, great that you are so full of enthusiasm and have a plan! That huge amount of exercise is likely to take you a few hours each day though, so I am wondering how sustainable it is? I think it's always wise to factor in the thought that there might be some days or times when you can't do that amount of exercise.

It took me two and a half years to lose 4.5 stone (130 weeks) which works out at less than half a pound a week, but that was without exercise as I am disabled.

You've already been given some excellent advice. I think that concentrating on what you eat, logging food and working out calories is probably the easiest way to ensure that you lose as much as possible before December.

I don't like to set time limited goals with regards to my weight. I think it takes as long as it takes, plus what happens once you hit that goal?

Good plan Lauryn👍🏻Thanks for meal plan. Good to get ideas. I'll try to do similar. I have 7st 11.5 lbs to lose and would, like you, lose 4 st by end of December 🎅🏻! Dx


Hi Lauryn19 I started on Feb 26 and my first big goal is 70lb by Christmas. As somebody else has already pointed out there will be peaks and troughs along the way. I have broken my 70lb down in to 10 mini goals which is 7lb a month for me. This makes it seem more doable and doesn't feel as daunting as chipping away at one huge number. I'm making myself a visual aid for the fridge a chart with 10 blocks on and in the first block putting 7lb and then 14 in the next one and so on. I shall colour each block in as I hit each mini goal. My husband has also bought me one of those LBs for £s frames to hang up and for each pound I lose a pound coin goes in the slot so that you can treat yourself once you've filled it. Mine goes up to 3st. Visual aids can be really inspiring.

Also use a tape measure as sometimes the scales might not move but it doesn't mean that you aren't losing inches.

BridgeGirlAdministrator in reply to Hidden

Some good ideas there😄

I would just suggest not getting too hooked on time scales. I started out not thinking of times, then at some point it struck me 'oh, I could get to x by Christmas' and I was extra disappointed when I didn't.

Just keep doing what you're doing and it will happen in it's own time😊

Hidden in reply to BridgeGirl

I have to admit I have a bit of a competitive streak and like to set myself realistic goals to work towards were others might feel it puts them under pressure. The only way I would be disappointed that I hadn't reached my goal is if I knew I hadn't give it my best. Yes there are going to be times when I fall off of the wagon but so long as I endeavour to keep that to a minimum I should still have a reasonable chance given the colossal amount I have to lose. I feel I need that goal for some strange reason :)

BridgeGirlAdministrator in reply to Hidden

You're right there, giving it your best :) And we each find our drive in different ways. That £1 pot will soon be filling up :)

rozwalts4 stone

Burning that many calories through exercise seems an awful lot of effort to me. I know I certainly couldn't do it as it would take up an awful lot of hours. As life is for living, and doing 'stuff', I would feel as though I was wasn't using my life to its full capacity.

It has take me a couple of years to lose four stone, with more still to go. I am not in any great hurry to lose it, especially as I didn't exactly pile it on in just a few months, more like years, well since I was born really. So please don't panic if you have off days, or even weeks, when things don't quite go according to plan. It happens to us all, well most of us anyway. You will get there in the end, though maybe not as quickly as you hope.

Good luck anyway. ;)

Lauryn19 in reply to rozwalts

I forgot to mention that I’m 18 and do regular exercise so I guess that’s why it’s easier for me to do so much exercise, I just used to eat sooo much junk food so it would overshadow the exercise! Thank you so much for the information though!

rozwalts4 stone in reply to Lauryn19

Oh to be 18 again................. hmm, I'm not so sure about that, so much pressure on young people these days.

I think it is probably much easier for younger folks to lose excess poundage as you won't have been on as many yo-yo diets of those of us of a certain age (shh 69) have been on. I reckon I have spent most of my life on one diet or another. The banana diet, grapefruit diet, starvation diet, 500 calorie diet, 800 calorie diet, 1000 calorie diet.

The only one that really worked was the starvation one, but that was unintentional, and not to be repeated again. Not that I lost so much as an ounce the last time I was on that particular diet, also unintentional. Oh the joys of being ill. :(

Vickytom7 stone

Hello Lauryn19. Infinitely achievable. I lost 7.5 stone in a year without going mad. Around 2000 calories a day and 30 mins of exercise a day, which was walking, treadmill, or my version of aerobic exercise, which was really me jigging around to 80s pop music on BBC4 re runs of TOTP!! So yes, if I can, anyone can and trust me, you will be so glad you did it! I am! I’m still going! It’s slower weight loss now, but my body shape is changing all the time and I feel so much better!! And, I wear jeans and leggings ALL the time now; not big skirts and big fleeces in the summer! The very best of luck to you!

rozwalts4 stone in reply to Vickytom

I like the sound of your jigging around to 80's pop music. It would have to be the 60's and 70's for me I reckon. ;)

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