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Help for loosing weight?

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Hi everyone can anyone help me as I am really struggling to loose weight as I need to do it as it is stressing me out and I have had enough of it so please help me

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Calories in versus calories out. You need a calorie deficit

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Musicsamsung77 in reply to Jonno34

What is that as never heard of it before

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Jonno34Visitor in reply to Musicsamsung77

Basically good old fashioned calorie counting.

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morelessAdministrator in reply to Musicsamsung77

This sort of information from Jonno34 needs to be updated, you may wish to read this

If you follow N-o-r-d-i's advice, I'm sure we'll be able to help you lose the weight :)

This may provide a nice easy starting point for you

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ErylVisitor in reply to Jonno34

The calories in vs calories out idea is outdated and has been debunked long ago. Have a lokk at "Is a calorie a calorie" by Dr Robert Lustig.

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Jonno34Visitor in reply to Eryl

It is basic science. Not debunked at all. You cannot magic away energy.

NHS weightless program is calorie based, the Bodycoach was talking about calorie defecit and losing weight on a recent podcast.

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ErylVisitor in reply to Jonno34

Watch the video by Dr Robert Lustig. Carbs and fats are metabolised differently and have different effects on insulin production the hormone which regulates fat storage.

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Welcome to the forum and we hope you will benefit from being a member like so many of us had.

It's a very familiar feeling, I have to say - really struggling to lose but really needing it because it's very stressful.

You have definitely come to the right place :)

If you look at the Pinned Posts you will have plenty of information about the forum.

Please consider joining in with as many Events, Challenges and Clubs as you feel comfortable.

Get involved in our weekly Weigh Ins, as well as Daily Diaries - you will get to share your ideas, achievements and struggles with people who are or had been in the same boat, or at least in the same storm!

Don't be a stranger and shout out if you have any questions. Hope to see you around.

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LosingGame2022 May

Dear Musicsamsung77 Please, elaborate what kind of challenges r u facing? Which type of measures have u taken and what were the results? Have u lost weight previously and regained? What worked what failed? Do u exercise regularly? Do u do intermittent fasting?



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Wobbleless1 stone

Hi Musicsamsung77 firstly welcome to the group. It can be very stressful and pressurising to need to loose weight and struggle. I have found not looking at this as a diet but a series of sustainable changes for life is helpful. By that I mean working out what your body needs and adjusting unprocessed food to suit your taste. Perhaps starting with basic whole foods and eating well might be the beginning adjusting portions to suit and ensuring you are not hungry. You will find what works for you and this group is very supportive. Good luck.

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Hi and welcome. This group is full of people who have lost weight and maintained it. I try to learn from their experiences.

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FirconesHealthy BMI

Hello, I have been thinking about this for a couple of days. Having been pretty much overweight/obese all my life, four years ago I took the firm decision that I wanted to be a healthy weight. This is my suggestion to help you, but lots of people on this site will help you along the way if you ask.

Decide why you want to lose weight and keep that your focus. I wanted to be a healthy weight and used the NHS weight tracker, I kept going until I was at the mid point of the healthy weight range for me. I did not work this out at the start - but to get there I had to lose 28kg - it took me 20 months. Do not look at what you are doing as a diet, it is about change and not going back to old habits. Others are right, it is about calories - but - that means understanding the best foods to eat. If I eat 100g of chicken breast it's about 170ish calories, if I eat 100g of my favourite chocolate it's 530ish calories and I would be starving, my calories allowance is quite low now as I am a short person! I feel it is important to know about calories, but it isn't about any old calorie when trying to be healthy. The suggestions others made were great and it helps to cook veg etc as it's filling.

Next tip - weigh once a week on a specific day and stick to it - I had to weigh Boxing Day this year! Get a nice note book, one you cannot easily rip pages out of and record you weight every week. Record your actual weight and the total lost from the day you start to change how you eat, that means you will only see the total amount of weight you lose. I never recorded how much weight lost in a week, there are ups and downs, some weeks are easier than others and why focus on one week. I also recorded changes to my BMI, waist and hip every now and again - it helps to see change.

It is not easy and at the beginning, for a while, you may well feel hungry but I promise, once you get used to a reduced amount of food you will stop feeling hungry. Try not to go to bed late, that helps. I ate breakfast, lunch, dinner and one snack a day. I eased up a bit on a Sunday - but nothing silly but I like a glass of wine. I didn't ban any food but just didn't want to eat some things after a while and 'just eat one' is my go to thought for things that are a treat and small/smaller portions. Once I got to the healthy NHS weight the best advice I was given was to get rid of my old clothes, I was asked why I would keep clothes 4 sizes too big, a good point, but quite hard to do.

I still record my weight every week as it is hard to maintain weight loss, if I did not write my weight down I would have put the weight back on, I am 56 and my bad habits are hiding they have not gone. I have just come back from holiday and I now need to shift some weight, it's not much but I do not want the weight to gradually go back on, so I have to be honest with myself, it is the same after Christmas. As a result of getting rid of excess weight, my health checks are now so different and I do feel better. There is a lady on this site who called herself 'I will do it' she was very inspiring, the NHS weight check site helped me and Tom Kerridge also inspired me, I felt if he could lose weight then so could I. It's very much about the mind, how you think. I wish you every success to reaching your aim. This site will help you.

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