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12 week programme

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Ladytrucker12021 April

Hi everyone

I have just completed my 12 week programme and I lost another 3 lbs this week. My total weight loss over the 12 weeks is 35 lbs or 2 and 1/2 stone. Well pleased with that

I now also have a date for my opp. 22nd July. Nervous but please I now have an end insight. But also depends on my full heart scan on the 29th June. Fingers crossed it will be ok

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Well done on your weightloss! The amount you managed to loose in 12 weeks is amazing! Best of luck for the scan and your op!

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Ladytrucker12021 April in reply to Northlondongirl

Thank you

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Sunshine9082021 June

That's a wonderful result. Well done! Best of luck with the op.

Youve done brilliant 👏

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Zelda501 stone

Fantastic weight loss result, well done on your brilliant achievement. Wishing you the best of luck for your scan and hope the op goes well. 👍😊

That is amazing 😁 I've downloaded the app and nearly at the end of week one 😀 it is helping me and you have done so well so congratulations x

Wondering how you are doing, and how you're getting on? Hope your scan went well, and that all is going smoothly in the run up to the 22nd. Best wishes.

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Ladytrucker12021 April in reply to Cosmo501

Hi Cozmoz51. Thank you. Have been away to Cornwall in my caravan so the diet didnt go to well. Tho I never gained. I am trying to get back on my diet but its hard now as I have been away. I need that incentive again

I had the heart scan and it turns out I have 2 valves that leak but was told it won't affect my opp tho.

Again advised to lose weight to take the stress off of my heart.

But a bit of a blow tho as I thought I was doing well. But it could have been worse so I am now ok with it.

Thank you

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Cosmo50116kg in reply to Ladytrucker1

Overall that seems positive, with your op being able to go ahead. You've done brilliantly to achieve that. And yes, you can definitely get back in the swing of it again and shift those next pounds too. Just throw yourself into it like you did before.Stay in touch here, and keep us all posted! Best wishes

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