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Don't blame 2020


Whilst many have said fairwell to 2020 it was a tough year that required discipline.

Those who demonstrated that discipline prospered, those who did not have the discipline in 2020 must ask will there be a magic discipline fairy who is going to magically spread her magic slimming fairy dust.

The truth is anyone who wants to succeed in 2021 should ditch the beer, fags and kebabs, ditch the alcohol, go vegetarian and ramp up the exercise.

That shall speed up the metabolism and boost energy levels in 2021.

If it was easy everyone would be doing it.

Good luck if you are serious.

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Well said 👌.

slipstick1st 7lbs

What a load of rubbish. It is not necessary to be vegetarian or tee-total or to exercise a lot in order to lose weight. And many people have real problems which have absolutely nothing to do with lack of discipline. If you don't have any problems then lucky you but that's no reason for shaming other people when you have absolutely no idea of their circumstances.

flywell123Working at it

Tony_Singh. This is not positive or helpful.

Fran182716Restart August 2020

I don't think anyone here would believe smoking, excess alcohol or frequent takeaways to be healthy. There are people struggling with physical limitations which make exercise difficult and others with stress and mental health issues. I personally choose not to eat meat but it isn’t necessary to be vegetarian to be healthy. It’s great if what you have suggested has worked for you but it would be nice if you could be understanding and supportive of others efforts, you may not mean it to but your post comes across as a bit judgemental.

UnitedRed5st 7lbs

What a load of crap.

Obviously weight loss takes commitment, but this all-or-nothing mentality is hurtful, and I would say potentially harmful.

Commitment to a goal or lifestyle looks different to every individual person.


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