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Back yet again

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OolongRestart August 2021

On the advice of many people on this forum I'm going to try to engage more to keep my motivation up. I'm very overweight, very unfit and have a lot of pain issues. I comfort eat and I'm getting bigger every year. So, one step at a time I'm going to start coming on here every day and trying to get inspiration and motivation. What I normally do is come on here and try to cut my food and up my exercise to drastically which causes me pain all over and migraines. So this time I'm going to approach it slowly and methodically. If I can ditch the sugar habit that would be a fantastic start, if I can ditch the eating in the middle of the night that would be even better. If I can then start moving more, I really will be extremely pleased. So one step at a time. First stop sugar!

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Wishing you all the best! 🥦🌶️🍒

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The_Enigma2021 November

Bravo! That's the spirit! Keep winning your battles - one day at a time.

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If you need inspiration and haven't already read this, Oolong, then read it now. It shows that it really is possible to turn your life around

Onwards and downwards! :)

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OolongRestart August 2021 in reply to moreless

Totally brilliant! Thank you.

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jd654st 7lbs

That's a great plan. One step at a time. Good luck.

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OolongRestart August 2021 in reply to jd65

Thank you!

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It's always better to tell yourself what to do than what not to do Oolong

For instance, if you set yourself a carb limit of 120g per day, and cut down sugar by having a smaller portion of glucose instead. Fructose is far sweeter, and the body doesn't use it directly, so that's the one to really cut down on. A lot of fruit isn't good from that point of view either, although it's better than pure table sugar in that it provides vitamins and sometimes fibre, the fructose is just as hazardous; fructose thickens blood seven times as much as glucose.

The foods that really have been demonstrated to be beneficial to health are olives and nuts.

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OolongRestart August 2021 in reply to StillConcerned

That is really helpful thank you. I love olives and have lots of nuts in the house so that is where I will be heading. You are absolutely right about not focusing on the negative but focusing on a positive. Thank you again.

Welcome back. You are wise to take things a bit at a time. The one thousand mile journey starts with a single step and slow and steady will get you where you want to be. Good luck and best wishes.

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OolongRestart August 2021 in reply to

I have screenshotted that - brilliant thank you!

Hi Oolong 👋 you can do this and it is not easy. I think your steady approach is the right one 😉 I wish you luck as I know you will be much happier 😊

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OolongRestart August 2021 in reply to Purplelady02

Thank you so much and love the name!

To loose weight, it's a gradual process. It need a lot of patience do not rush it.

Dancing is one of the key way of loosing weight easily with fun. You can watch weight loss dancing videos. on you and dance along.

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BridgeGirlAdministrator in reply to shrinkAbility

Good morning, shrinkAbility. Are you here for support with weight loss or have you reached your goal?

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OolongRestart August 2021 in reply to shrinkAbility

LOVE that idea - thank you!

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