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Day1 of my weight loss

thegreato7932020 December

I stand on the scales. My weight has decreased by 1.5 pounds. Not bad. I already weigh 232.5 pounds. There are 106.5 lbs left to lose. There is a beginning).

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One pound at a time, a hundred times over, and you will be there 🙂 just find a way to enjoy the process 😊

thegreato7932020 December in reply to N-o-r-d-i

I will try to...)


Well done thegreato. Did you mean to post your weight in today's weigh in. ? The mass movers Monday weigh in is still open. Just. Or wait until the Tuesday Trimmers opens. You'll find the weigh ins, in the pinned posts. This should help you find them.

Well done that's great =) x

thegreato7932020 December in reply to Sarahlou2990

Thank you)

Pict123Restart January 2021

Hi, well done on losing those well deserved one and a half pounds. I am also trying to lose over a hundred pounds, however this morning's breakfast was not a healthy one. I ate two Yorkie chocolate bars. I have a very serious eating disorder. That is the first time I have admitted it. I have been trying to lose weight for a long time with no success because I am a chronic over eater. I could really use some support to lose the excess weight

thegreato7932020 December in reply to Pict123

Then we will lose weight together).

Sending positive thoughts. I was there a few weeks ago and feeling more energised since starting journey. Best of luck

thegreato7932020 December in reply to walkinthewoods

Thank you)


Remember its slow and steady wins the race. This is not an over night fix. Focus on day to day and do not be too hard on yourself. Praise yourself when you lose a pound and when you don't think of what you have done so far. There is plenty of support on here. We are all on the same journey. Good luck 👍

thegreato7932020 December in reply to Carer53

Thank you)

Dave10001st 7lbs

Small step add up to make massive journeys thegreato793. Well done on your loss x

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