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Swede & carrot fritters


Hi everyone and here’s a pic of tonight’s tea. I made the fritter idea up and although they fell apart a bit, they were well yummy.

Chop half a swede and 3 medium carrots into small chunks, steam for about ten minutes then mash with butter. Stir in a fried onion, a large egg and a handful of grated cheddar. Fry gently in olive oil for 5 mins each side.

Here I’ve served them with salad made from kale (cavolo nero, ‘massaged’ for 5 mins in olive oil), roasted plums, tomatoes and a dressing made from tahini, lemon juice and a drop of water.

It’s not that low carb as swede has 5g carbs per 100g and one medium sized carrot has approx 6g just on its own! So per fritter I imagine they’re about 12g carbs? I’m afraid I don’t have a Scooby’s about calories...mea culpa.

Oh yep, the plum isn’t exactly the lowest in carbs either! But overall, a very nice tea 🍑🥬🍠

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Yum, I love mashed swede and carrot, it was the topping for my cottage pie tonight :)

monday1957Maintainer in reply to lucigret

Don’t you just love swede’s other name: rutibaga! Far more exotic 🤣

lucigretAdministrator in reply to monday1957

I do, but mashed carrot and rutabaga is a bit of a mouthful 🤣 although it sounds very posh!

thara96432020 August


Varensia2020 November

It looks very healthy.

Yum, looks delicious, does a swede taste the same as a turnip?

I once tried to make soup with turnip-flesh after hollowing out and carving the turnip into a lantern. It wasn’t good, but maybe just needed lots of butter and spices.

monday1957Maintainer in reply to SewMore

I find turnip has quite a distinctive flavour which is less sweet than swede. I sort of have to be in the mood for turnip, if you know what I mean ☺️

Looks good, I've never thought of roasted plums before!


Looks good. monday😊

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