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Struggling to be focused


Hello this is my first post I joined this group over 2 years ago. I read the post and admire those who are achieving their goals and those who are strong enough to keep focused. I’m at the heaviest I have ever been just going onto 13 stone. I’m 56 and still having the hot flushes and night sweats. Joints are really painful so I have slowed down and don’t Have a lot of energy. I need some inspiration to get me focused and get organised. Any tips or menu ideas would be appreciated.

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Hello Pulsar28 and a very warm welcome. Well done on writing your first post, quite a big step 👏

I hope you’ve had chance to read Pinned Posts here but especially When Weight Loss is a Struggle as it has particular relevance to someone in your position. Please just ask if you have any questions

Best wishes and good luck

Indigo 😊

Sarah-Phim3 stone

Hi Pulsar, so glad you have reached out, is what really helps when you are finding it hard. Lots of people are following different plans and regimes. I’d say find what works for you, we all have our own styles of eating and weaknesses. But most of all, we will cheer you on and pick you up whenever you need it. 😀

Pulsar285lbs in reply to Sarah-Phim

Thank you Sarah. I’m working from home so not going out to go to work is a big part of feeling that I’m falling into a couch potato and binging on biscuits when I get board. It so easy to get up to stretch your legs but before I know it the hands are in the goody tin. It has to stop. I’m aiming to get the weight off for my hols next year (if I get).

Sarah-Phim3 stone in reply to Pulsar28

Yeah, it’s hard when you are at home, I was recently isolating for 2 weeks and it gets tedious. I have to not have snacks in the house at all or they speak to me. If they aren’t there I can’t eat them. I make sure I have other things that are healthier to grab when I get the munchies. 😀

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