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Anyone trying Low carb high fat?


Hello all! I’m not sure I’m really doing the right thing? I’m avoiding carbs.. bread, potatoes, rice, pasta. Replacing with salad, roast veg, spiralizing courgettes.. I’ve even tried the cauliflower rice trick... but seem to be eating lots of meat and fatty stuff. Home made scotch eggs etc. Not hungry at all! Is this right? Am I going to loose weight filling up on fatty ribeye steaks!?

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Sewnknit4 stone

Oh yes.

Eat when you're hungry, eat slowly.

Stop when you're full.

It works that way for many of us, that's why it's so popular on here.


I just started last week doing just as you've said, and my scales show a significant weight loss for me this week.... Very happy :) I have also learned to buy eggs by the tray-full tho rather than just a 6 box Good luck with your challenge


Yes, you're doing it right.

And yes, you are going to lose weight :)

I would try to fill your plate more with veg than with meat, but basically it's all good.

There is also a LCHF group, if you're interested, but more and more people over here are doing what you're doing.


Yum, yum yum sounds great to me :)


Yep, I lost 8 stones doing just that.

Point of caution: I found it wasn't a free license to eat as much as I liked, just until I was no longer hungry. Portion control remained an important element for me.

I'd typically eat 120g portions of meat or fish (alongside a pile of veggies) for lunch and around 180g portions for dinner, that seemed to work nicely for me.

LythamSuper Host 3 stone

It sounds right enough to me, would you like to join us on the Daily Diary and post your menu for tomorrow? It's a great place to steal good ideas :-)

Here's the link, I hope to see you there! :-) x

Nellwoody2020 August

I try this from time to time and it does work...I just struggle sticking to it 🤦‍♀️

IndigoBlue61Maintainer in reply to Nellwoody

Hello and welcome to the Weigh Loss Forum Nellwoody

I also struggle with adherence but I do feel well when I can stick to it. 😊

If you haven’t already then please read the Welcome Message in Pinned Posts here Please read it carefully so you can find all the information you need to find your way around the forum.

As a peer to peer support group we rely totally upon mutual encouragement. Nothing beats joining in, reading posts and replying to others. Our Group Weigh-in and the Daily Diary are probably the best places to start.

Best wishes

Indigo 😊

Thanks everyone. Just wanted to check with you guys I was doing it right. Always imagined diets meant you were hungry all the time, but if anything my appetite seems much less.

BridgeGirlAdministrator in reply to Nobodysperfect

That's such a joy, isn't it? And you've given me a reminder about homemade scotch egg. That will be on for lunch. Lytham , there's a scotch egg fan here :D

Have you seen this very easy mayo recipe? It's in Topics - Recipes - salads if you want to check out any more.

LythamSuper Host 3 stone in reply to BridgeGirl

YAYYYY ! All hail the Scotch egg ! :-) x

BridgeGirlAdministrator in reply to Lytham

I'm off to defrost the sausages ....

LythamSuper Host 3 stone in reply to BridgeGirl

Ha ha ! Don't forget to take a pic, there's an "Egg Off" on the horizon ! :-) x

lucigretAdministrator in reply to Lytham

Did I hear somebody say scotch egg 👂🏻 My sausage meat is on the side and I need to boil some eggs. Lunch for tomorrow when I go and visit my daughter.

Diet's that keep you hungry Nobodysperfect are just sooo wrong when you can be eating all this delicious food and feeling full. You are doing it all right :)

LythamSuper Host 3 stone in reply to lucigret

Yayyy ! Scotch eggs all round! :-) x

Nobodysperfect1kg in reply to lucigret

Thanks for that Lucigret. I’m sure as time goes on I’ll feel more confident with what I’m doing! 😀

Nobodysperfect1kg in reply to Lytham

Got the idea from you in the first place Lytham!

LythamSuper Host 3 stone in reply to Nobodysperfect

Ha ha Love it ! :-) x

Nobodysperfect1kg in reply to BridgeGirl

Thanks I’ll take a look at the Mayo recipe.. I just buy it from the supermarket, but bet home made is better!

BridgeGirlAdministrator in reply to Nobodysperfect

I think we've all been put off making mayo because it seemed complicated but it isn't. Takes around 5 mins and keeps for around a week in the fridge, I find. I just do it with one egg yolk and can easily use that up in a few days. My only tip would be not to use extra virgin olive oil as that's too strong: go for the simple olive oil.

Nobodysperfect1kg in reply to BridgeGirl

Thanks BridgeGirl. I’ll give it a try! I’m back to work tomorrow! Need to get more organised!

I’m on LCHF and I’m doing good on it. You really don’t need to eat tons of meat I’ve had a steady loss 4 stone 1 lb now. Yesterday for my main meal I had a chicken leg with chilli sprinkles and sea salt, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, my meals are pretty big really. I have 2 cups of coffee with cream a day other drinks are herbal teas and spring water.

My hubby makes most of my meals when eating fat I never eat loads of it.

The oil we use is coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil or butter.🌹

Well done loosing over 4 stone! That’s fantastic! 👍 I’m encouraged you’ve done that using LCHF method. 🤞it works for me too!


Yes, for weight loss, you're doing it right, but for health you should increase your veg intake as well as you need some vital vitamins like Vit k2 from leafy green veg for calcium control (make sure that it goes to the bones rather than to the veins and arteries) Vit A from root Veg like carrots etc.

All sounds good then! I am eating lots of veg. Roasted tons of beetroot and an enjoying that.. plenty of salad, and have started cooking kale in the oven until it’s a bit crispy to give that crunchy texture.

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