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Vegetarian lchf summer lunch for four


Hi everyone - here's a pic of the lunch I made for four of us today:

Quiche made with almond flour base, asparagus, 3 eggs, cherry tomatoes & cheddar;

Coleslaw - sweetheart cabbage, carrot, apple, pistachios and mayo;

Mixed salad - sliced tomatoes, roasted apricots, avocado, feta, fresh basil dressing.

No bread, spuds consumed - and still four full tummies ☺️

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Looks great monday1957.😊

LythamSuper Host 3 stone


There's that winning quiche again :-) x


Your quiches are always good and that coleslaw looks great

monday1957Host in reply to BridgeGirl

Thank you! It’s always an unknown dishing up vegetarian food for carnivores, let alone lchf - but without blowing my own trumpet, everyone this week has enjoyed their meals 🥗

I’m such an lchf convert and have to suppress the urge to evangelise 🤣

BridgeGirlAdministrator in reply to monday1957

Me too 🤣

lucatree2020 March

Looks lush monday1957!

Can I ask how you made the fresh basil dressing?

monday1957Host in reply to lucatree

Hi lucatree - I snipped a load of fresh basil into a bowl and added juice of half a lemon, 1/4 cup olive oil, salt & pepper and tsp pesto. 🌻

lucatree2020 March in reply to monday1957

Thank you, I'll definetly have to give that a go!

That all looks absolutely delicious! 😋

Ohh, it all looks delicious!

Missdoubleyou2020 June

Looks delicious! I had never thought of putting pistachios in coleslaw, what a great idea!

monday1957Host in reply to Missdoubleyou

They're extra crunchy if you toast them in a dry pan for a few minutes, too.

Missdoubleyou2020 June in reply to monday1957

Thanks for the tip!

Xana231st 7lbs

Wow that all looks so delicious your quiche looks amazing 😉

Bong1968Restart Dec 2019


That’s made my stomach rumble. It looks delicious!🤤

monday1957Host in reply to Bong1968

It was pretty good, I won’t deny it!

It’s the dressing etc that makes it a bit different eg the apricots are stoned (hey man) & halved & I put a drop of olive oil, tamari & pinch of brown sugar in the dimple of each one - then roast for about 20mins. If any of the dressing spills out, all the better, as that gets drizzled over the final salad. Doing the fresh basil dressing only takes a minute, too.

The almond flour pastry base is easier than ordinary pastry too:

Mix 2 eggs with 4 cups of almond flour (or ground almonds) & pinch sea salt. Bake blind for 15 mins. Then your veg and cheese & egg mix is ready to pour inside the case & bake for 25mins. Simples ☺️

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