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Wanting to lose weight very quickly

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Heya, been doing intermittent fast for a week and a half now and lost 3 pounds. My goal is to lose 10-15 pounds more. And I’m trying to be patient but I am constantly seeing people on YouTube lose huge amount of weight per week and it makes me frustrated. I know the reason why my previous diet haven’t worked was because I am too impatient. This time I am trying my best to follow a healthy weight loss.

But does anyone pls have any advice I can keep telling myself everyday to keep me patient with my goals?

16 Replies
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Hello and Welcome to the Weight Loss Forum Tokioh

First let me dispel a myth, your body will lose fat at a set rate, which varies upon how much excess fat you are carrying, these stories you hear about super fast weight loss will not be losing fat, and the weight will go back on just as quick. Eating properly and losing fat slowly and steadily will be much better long term and much more likely stay off. If you find a way of eating that you enjoy then the journey will be enjoyable and sustainable

If you haven’t already then please read the Pinned Posts here healthunlocked.com/nhsweigh... Please read it carefully so you can find all the information you need to find your way around.

As a peer to peer support group we rely on mutual encouragement, and nothing beats joining in, reading posts and replying to others. Our Group Weigh-in and the Daily Diary are probably the best places to start

Best wishes in your weight loss journey

Indigo 😊

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Tokioh in reply to IndigoBlue61

Thank you so much. This really helped. And I will use this to remind myself everyday.☺️☺️

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Clematisa1Maintainer in reply to Tokioh

You're welcome to join our weekly weightloss forum which I am hosting this week. Lots of support ideas and encouragement and we don't judge. Tokioh 😀

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Hello, I discovered this video and i think it may interest you. Here is the link : youtube.com/watch?v=8_SVh5-...

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According to many experts, losing 1–2 pounds (0.45–0.9 kg) per week is a healthy and safe. Losing more than that is considered too fast and could put you at risk of many health problems. fine-health.com/category/re... - you can read more about weight loss here. Good Luck!

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morelessAdministrator in reply to Castano

Hi and welcome, Castano :)

Are you on a weight loss journey yourself? If so, then we can arrange for a proper welcome.

A word of warning, a new face posting links to a site with lots of advertising can be misconstrued as spamming. It would be better if you introduced yourself to the community first :)

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Hi there, I hope you lost weight and you are satisfied now and happy with the result. Just wanted to say that leading a healthy lifestyle and losing weight it's not a quick process. You need to work and work a lot. After the winter holiday, I got belly fat and I was so naive when I started to look for how to lose belly fat in 2 weeks and found this site inshape.blog/weight-loss/ho.... I tried some diets but my muscles disappeared together with the fat I had and I had some problems with my health. So, now I do exercise, practice yoga, and avoid sugar as much as I can.

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TheTabbyCatAdministrator in reply to dianapalm13

Hello dianapalm13 and welcome to the weight loss forum. You're lucky that we've "found" you as it seems you've replied to an old post. :)

Please have a good read of the Pinned Post “Welcome Newbies”. healthunlocked.com/nhsweigh...

This is a very large community with lots going on. May I suggest you use the webpage as opposed to the app at least until you know your way around. Take your time and follow every thread so that you know exactly what’s going on.

Here’s the link for a “Tour” of the forum ,if you haven’t already taken it.


If you are following the NHS plan please check your BMI on the NHS site and obtain the correct amount of calories for you.


The Daily Diary and the Weekly Weigh ins are very good places to begin. You will find the DD and WI in the Pinned Posts under “Events”

I find the Daily Diary a very good place to share my plans and get inspiration from other members, too. Once the day’s food is written down I’m far more likely to stay on track.

The key to success is participation, we are all on the same journey.

If you can’t find something just shout. If you write a post on the main feed someone will notice it quickly, there’s usually members about.

I hope to “see” you around, Good Luck.🍀😉

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dianapalm13 in reply to TheTabbyCat

Thanks a lot!

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TheTabbyCatAdministrator in reply to dianapalm13

You're welcome.:)

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Tell yourself, I am a confident, disciplined person and I can achieve any goal,

eating fresh and complete food makes me feel better and look better.

I love my life, and every day is a blessing, I will reach my weight loss goals. I choose healthy foods, I drink a lot of water,

losing weight is fun.

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MissisB4 stone in reply to Francinilsom

Hello Francinilsom and welcome.

Good to see that you like fresh food and I assume you cook for yourself from scratch too.

Everyone is welcome on this Forum to offer support within our guidelines, and to be supported with their goals. Are you here to lose weight, or as a supporter? I just want to ensure you are awarded an appropriate badge so people recognise your aims.

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Hello and welcome, samjaya :)

You have answered an old post so may not get a reply but if you have a look around the forum, particularly following this link healthunlocked.com/weight-l... to Pinned Posts, you will find plenty of current activity. A good place to start is joining a weekly weigh in on the day of your choice, and using the Daily Diary, where members post their meals and exercise plans.

All the best


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It’s very unhealthy to lose a lot of weight at once. You risk all kinds of displeases with effects worse than obesity. You’re doing perfectly now!! Don’t change it :)

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TheTabbyCatAdministrator in reply to _Samantha_

Hi _Samantha_ , I'm not sure that you're aware that this is an older post so you may not get any interaction. If you look under the poster's name you'll see how long ago they posted. I believe there may be a time difference from where you are, this doesn't matter at all as the Daily Diary, Daily Chat and the Weigh ins all stay open for 24 hrs. If you fancy chatting, I suggest you click on the link to the Pinned Posts, scroll down until you see something that interests you, then click on the title. Among other things there's a book club (Read all about it) and a Fitness club where we post all our physical activities however small.


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StillConcernedVisitor in reply to _Samantha_

Although Dr. Mosley disputes this. He says fast weight loss is motivating, and people are no more likely to put it back on. What's important is how we learn to maintain.

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