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Need help with weight-loss

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Hi I have just signed up and I need to lose weight, I haven’t weighed myself yet, but will do so shortly. I have been obese most of my adult life, with huge weightlosses at times ie; every diet possible etc, once goal achieved and I start to eat normal my weight regain is rapid and I go bigger than before. I am not very sporty. I have also done weigh-loss course and still not succeed. How do I motivate myself to beginning and the to be successful..

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Hi, Seeyou12, Welcome.

Therein lies the problem: You do not regard eating healthily as "normal".

You need a lifetime healthy-eating lifestyle.

Calorie-counting can be the problem, as, often, when people stop counting calories they put on weight again.

One of TeamAdmin will be along soon, and will give you the "Newbie pack".

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Hi and welcome, Seeyou12 :)

It's time to stop dieting and to start your new healthy lifestyle. Make changes that will be sustainable, so that the weight doesn't pile back on. Have a look at these, to give you a different perspective on healthy eating

Follow this link to our chat thread and a list of all the activities we run. We've found active participation to be key to success, especially with our weigh-ins.

To make navigating the forum easier, we've put all the information you'll need in a newbie pack and here's the link

Please take the time to read it carefully, so that you're able to enjoy everything that we have on offer.

We ask that you also read this important information about internet privacy and security.

Wishing you all the best for 2019 :)

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Thank you 🙏 I will read all of what you have provided up above.


I have just signed up to. My BMI is 31.5 so I need to get to a healthy weight. I have printed off the week 1 to help me get motivated. I want to eat healthily and don't want to see food as good or bad. Fingers crossed we're in the right place


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