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Hi All. I've just joined and this is my first post. I need to lose about 50% of my body weight (just under 10 stone). I suffer with multiple sclerosis which leaves me in constant discomfort (extra weight doesn't help) and leaves me very fatigued. I'm looking for a menu I can followed and adapt as a start to losing weight as I feel menu planning is what puts me off most - deciding what to eat and working out the calories seems a huge task. Any hints? Thanks.

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Hi, Hidden, Welcome.

One of the TeamAdmin will be along soon, and give you the "Newbie pack".

In the last day or so, there have been posts or replies from two or three new members with a great deal to lose.

We have many members who have been able to lose weight without exercise (myself included, but, fortunately, I am no longer disabled).

There are a lot of recipes on this site... click on the house symbol, then nine circles, then Weight loss, then scroll down the right-hand side of the screen ( you might need to click on "see all") till you get to topics, then select one of the many "recipes" topics.

Hello the NHS Smart Recipe App was got me, Ive also got a chronic illness and being overweight doesn’t help. I’m only on my second week but the App has all the nutritional values (including calories) of each meal, and creates a shopping list for you (adding ingredients together from different recipes so you haven’t got to work that element out!)

They left me suprisingly full - I had one horrific day where I’m still working out what to do should it occur again (I had a flare up) so I don’t sabotage myself but all the other days the meals have worked well. I managed with the help of my husband to cook/prep it all on the day we brought it so it’s a case of pick up the container and either eat it or reheat it.

Definetly helps on days where I’m totally exhausted and barely able to move

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Hi and welcome, Cerreg :)

We don't actually provide a menu plan, but you can pick up ideas from our Daily Diary and recipe topics. Make sure you get a calorie allowance that's suitable for you from the NHS BMI calculator first. However, if you don't wish to count calories, then I suggest you have a look at this, for an alternative

To make navigating the forum easier, we've put all the information you'll need in a newbie pack and here's the link

Please take the time to read it carefully, so that you're able to enjoy everything that we have on offer.

We ask that you also read this important information about internet privacy and security.

Wishing you all the best :)

goodluck with it all, ive got the same goal, 10 stone by this time next year.....

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BridgeGirlAdministrator in reply to Babydiesel2019

It'll be good if you two team up and join the same weigh in. Here's the link for tomorrow's Just read the opening post and it will explain all :)

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Hi Cerreg15, I’ve had good results following a low carb high fat diet. The only part of my menu that I weigh is the carbs (porridge oats for breakfast), trying to keep them at a minimum, and only low GI ones. Basic idea for me is to avoid anything with sugar in it, white flour, white bread, potatoes and rice. That may sound as if it would make you go hungry, but the opposite has been true - by no longer avoiding healthy fats, I feel full after a meal and don’t get cravings between meals. I’ve also discovered new vegetables not tried before, chips made from celeriac, cauliflower and turnip mashed together instead of potato have been brilliant. I think I used to be addicted to bread, but now I don’t even miss it. Good luck!

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mocha1972 in reply to PandQs

That sounds great pandq's as i have Type 2 diabetes so need to watch my carbs. Is there a particular site that you use?

Mocha x

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PandQsMaintainer in reply to mocha1972

No I don’t use any particular website. I feel as though I might be repeating this so often that others will get fed up of me :)) but every time I need motivation to stick with the changes, I go back and re watch the same video, “The Skinny on Obesity episode 3”. That reminds me WHY I’m avoiding sugar etc, and then I usually go from there to watch other videos on the same topic of insulin resistance and google low carb recipe ideas. There’s an Australian university site that lists GI index for various carbs, parsnips have dropped off my shopping list since reading it :))

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mocha1972 in reply to PandQs

Thanks. I have just found it, will watch them!

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mocha1972 in reply to PandQs

Hi pandqs. I quite like porridge and tend to have fresh fruit with it. Do you eat it plain or add something to it to add fat and protein? Thanks.

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PandQsMaintainer in reply to mocha1972

I buy small individual portions of cheese, and boil batches of eggs to keep in fridge, so will often have either first thing before making the porridge and they’re also useful to have around if late home to make a meal to prevent bad snacking. Variations on my porridge - sometimes use almond milk, or add a teaspoon of coconut oil before microwaving it. I usually also add some chia seeds, cinnamon instead of any sweetener, and some blueberries. I love my porridge in the morning :))

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mocha1972 in reply to PandQs

Thanks. I'm looking to reduce my carbs or mix up my meals a bit 😊

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