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Vegetable idea for dinner


Bridge girl asked me this morning for any recipes as part of the 30 in 30days challenge, well here's one I've used a few times. In the schwartz spice range there are several blends, I tend to go for the cajun blend, I then chop up veg like courgette, pepper, mushroom, sweet spud, onion (use your favourites) and chuck them in a bowl and add a teaspoon or so of olive oil and toss them about. Bung them in a oven tin and sprinkle with spice blend (toss and add more spice if you like it hot), then into the oven till slightly crispy around the edges. I've served it with rice, jacket spud even pasta.

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Sounds delicious, quick and easy too 😊. Thank you


Glad you like the idea, I generally make it so hot I have to put some mayo on it just to save my mouth😋

IndigoBlue61Maintainer in reply to Easterbunny

Rather you than me!! I’m a lightweight when it comes to spicy food 🤣

There's always the BBQ blend.


Great use of veg and spices - that would be fantastic with a chicken breast or piece of fish as well!! Equally as good on its own :)

Easterbunny in reply to Hidden

I have been known to bung in some chicken chunks with the veggies


Sounds great as a dish on its own or as a side dish Easterbunny :)

I'll link it to the 30 Plants post

That's a fab idea..never thought of the blends of schwartz...thank you for that😊

Easterbunny in reply to Mb54321

It's a good one done in a tin on the BBQ (when the weather's nice) especially if you chuck in some chicken

Dietbunny1 stone in reply to Mb54321

Likewise - I'll look them out next time I'm shopping! Tx Easterbunny

Hope you like it 😋

Dietbunny1 stone in reply to Easterbunny

I was thinking it would save me a few calories on my roasted cauliflower, which I'm addicted to at the moment, instead of grated parmesan! Which is delicious, but spicing it up would ring the changes too...

Never tried roasted cauliflower, is it still crunchy or do you par boil it before roasting

Dietbunny1 stone in reply to Easterbunny

No, you don't need to parboil. You simply cut it into quarters, slice the quarters further so that you have lots of flat edges and the fattest parts are 1" or 2cm big - or thereabouts, depends on the size of the cauli; toss this all (minus the smaller bits that inevitably fall off) gently in some oil (2-3 tsp) and lay them flat on non-stick foil or roasting tray and roast at 180 (fan) for 10 mins. Then turn them over (they should be beginning to go golden by now) add the bits (tossed in another teaspoon of oil) and roast for another 10 mins or until testing with a knife tip shows they are cooked.

It's as simple as that and tossed in 25g grated parmesan, DH and I can eat an entire cauli as a side dish, no problem! So when there are more of us at the table, I add in baby parsnips as they cook in the same time and are equally delicious tossed in parmesan!

Yet another one I'll have to give a try, cheers for the idea

I do that too!

Hers another layer to add, to ring the changes, and to make it into a complete meal - once the veg is part roasted and a bit crispy, add handful of lentils and water to cover with a couple of stock cubes. When the lentils are almost cooked (about 20 mins) add sliced haloumi on top and cook about 10 mins more.

This is my dinner tonight, my whole family totally loves it !

I'll have to give that a whirl, not a big fan of haloumi wonder if you can do the same with tofu

JiminyCricket7lbs in reply to Easterbunny

I'm sure it would work with anything you usually grill

I'll give a try one night next week. Cheers for the idea.

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