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30 in 30 part 2

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I've been doing the fruit/veg challenge since the beginning of October, I posted my first chunk of loveliness last week and this is the second part, here goes!

21. Calabrese broccoli

22. Sultanas

23. Pecans

24. Kidney beans

25. Sweetcorn

26. Grapes

27. Melon

28. Brussel sprouts

29. Plums

30. Turnips

31. Leeks

32. Celery

33. Cauliflower.

I'm still going, if anybody has some suggestions on one's to try let me knowπŸπŸ„

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Hi Easterbunny , I'm going to link this fabulous list to the 30 Plants in a Month post.

Keep going, and we'd love to see any recipes you come up with featuring your plant choices :)

Thank you bridge girl for linking it.


Brilliant!! I had it in mind to update mine on the weekend as well after my last visit to the shop for the month!!

Well over 30 and counting there .... well done!! :)

Easterbunny in reply to Hidden

Thanks steeled, anything you would suggest?

Hidden in reply to Easterbunny

Not sure what was in your 1st 20 but chick peas, peanuts, beetroot spring to mind.

A home made beetroot hummus would incorporate 2 in 1 and just plain peanuts are a cheap way to get a few extra calories / healthy fat into your plan if needed whilst also being a good filler if a snack is needed. (In small amounts!!) :)

I haven't had houmous in ages, wonder if the tahini counts as 1(peanuts)?